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She loves me yeah yeah yeah


War Hero
As one who has had many years of pleasure from the Beatles' music I find the very public divorce of Paul McCartney very sad. They all, the Beatles, seemed good guys to me and their popularity appears to support that. It is difficult to imagine PM doing some of the things he has been accused of and his first marriage was very happy and successful from what I have read. I , personally, do not believe he did those things and reckon that bird is a first class gold digger among other things like porn queen. I hope he survives the attack on his character and bank book and continues to entertain the world with his music.

Paul bought Heather a plane for her birthday


He gave her a tube of Hair remover for the other leg..... Boom Boom !!
By the sounds of what I've read, he seemed to have been married to his mother for 30+ years and then took offence that when he married a head strong women she wasn't happy to take over ether the roles of mother or dead wife.



the womans a moose, looks very much like Jimmy Nail in drag (probably is him).
only thing old macca can be accused of is needing a stronger pair of glasses, as for drugs, for fcuk's sake he either needed them to be so out of it that he could shag her or conversely to get over it afterwards.
bloody pornstar leach, take an axe to her beetle boy (she won't have a leg to stand on)


War Hero
A gold digger if there ever was one.She alleges that PMcC made her crawl to the heads,what's wrong with her good leg?????

she hasnt got a leg to stand on in court!!(sorry but i just HAD to say it!!!)

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