Lantern Swinger
I think using common sense i know the answer to this question. I have also searched it on the forum but couldn't find anything up to date.

When i shave at home i use a shavette (disposable cut throat) I was wondering what the stance on this would be in phase 1. Understandably it could be seen as a dangerous weapon which is why im asking the question. Are the acceptable as long as i shave every day?
Yes, you can use razors but it would quicker with an ordinary safety razor unless you intend to slash someone to death a layer at a time.

Disposing of sharps may be a problem.


Lantern Swinger
Thats good then, will save a fortune on blades as you can get 100 for under a 5er! Didn't want to turn up with a cut throat for someone to take it off me and me have no shaving gear.

Cheers wrecker
Personally I'd leave the cut throat until you finished Phase 1, stick a couple of ordinary safety razors in your grip just in case (top tip..always have a plan B) ;)
WreckerL probably has better information than me, but having just googled shavette and looked at the pictures, I have a feeling that such a razor could be interpreted as not complying with Standing Orders on blades. Just a thought. For Ph 1 I would certainly have a Plan B.

How long are the blades by the way?

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