Shave Off, Jack!

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Wiggy_RN, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. Permission to grow, please sir?

  2. Permission to stop/discontinue shaving?

  3. Both acceptable?

  1. Can anyone help settle a petty afternoon argument surrounding growing a full set onboard (apologies if this has already been done - have searched and coudn't see anything relevant).

    An ex-shipmate of mine claims that one has to request 'permission to grow' at Capt/CO's requestmen, whereas I remember distinctly, slapping in for 'permission to stop' or 'permission to discontinue' shaving on at least 2 deployments where ships coy where doing there for charady. Possibly both grow and stop are acceptable requests?

    Any Joshmen or PO / killick dogs got the definitive answer (past and present)?

    Many thanks
  2. I think SPB will give you the definitive answer, but I've always known it to be Permission to cease shaving
  3. I remember it as permission to discontinue shaving. On diesel boats however, it wasn't necessary to slap in a request - we just stopped shaving full stop whilst at sea.
  4. Cheers guys - reckon if I get >80% on 20+ replies, I'll drink on someone else's chit tonight...

    However, he has pointed me to the official RN site which does mention...

  5. Definitely "Request permission to stop/discontinue shaving"
  6. When we had the old Fishery Protection Squadron (Type 14's), the patrol routine was "Pirate Rig" and only shaving if you wanted to. Everybody had to be clean shaven before entering harbour or a request to "discontinue shaving" submitted.
  7. Slapped a request in to the joss requesting permission to discontinue shaving, joss ok'd it, did not get to the table
  8. The request was "To discontinue shaving in order to grow a full set"when I 1st grow mine 80 ish. Had already grown it on a 3 monther and it was that or be clean shaven by harbour stations.
  9. To discontinue shaving is the one. Normally approved by the Joss who would inspect it 4 weeks later and decide if you could go ashore.
  10. Agree with Discontinue or cease, in charity situations I've generally seen blanket permission to cease, but if one wishes to keep the outcome afterwards then it's needed ratified by a request form, and is unlikely to go to table.
  11. I always recall it as 'Request to discontinue shaving' - not that I ever put one in, being skin ....... ;)
  12. It was/is "Permission to discontinue shaving" Until my last house move (hopefully my very last) I still had my last request chit for shaving off, but I went on leave and draft , shaved off and never told anyone.The request form stayed amongst my assorted rubbish for about 4o years and then got ditched.
  13. As a minor point, cease shaving means exactly that. Permission to grow could result in;
  14. Grew a set once on deployment! Walked in the house and the "ex" wouldn't let me near her till I shaved it off! If I knew then what would happen in years to come I'd have kept it. Would have saved a few years grief and I could have avoided rogering her sister!
  15. As I recall her sister was the better option.

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