Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Aled616, May 31, 2008.

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  1. i just wanted to know a bit more about it really from anyone who is a sniper. Im planning on joining as an officer maybe next year (ill be just about 18), how long do you have to serve before given the option to specialise.

    Its something i really want to do.
  2. 2-3 years service, but I don't believe sniper is part of a specialisation.
  3. this has got to be a joke lol.
  4. Its very hard to be a Sniper in the Corps...its almost impossible for an Officer to be one. Suggest you pass the YO/CDO course first.
  5. why is it a joke?
  6. This being the RN side of the site for a minute I thought he was talking about Royal Naval Sniper which is quite rate. You don't often see them at all.

  7. Mate, Officers don't tend to specialize as snipers, it's a marine thing :thumright:
  8. i assumed you could still do both up, ill discuss it with the advisor and see whats possible. It partially puts me off joining. Cause i really want to do both, and i am capable of both
  9. bleeding eck

    i can smell the shit flowing from your mouth....

    How the hell do you know your capable mate,shot a few pigeons in the garden have we?
  10. :lol:
  11. Good grief we can't have ossifers crawlin' abaht in the ulu gettin' 'emselves all sweaty and dirty, off to the Mess with you for a pink gin and a lie down.
    As Timex says concentrate on.
    A) Passing AIB, medicals etc.
    B) Getting to Lympstone, helpful Rail staff will tell you the correct train to get on for Exeter St Davids and link to Commando Halt.
    C) Passing out as an Officer, 1 years hard work. During which Career development will be discussed, ie which Branch seems to suit your abilities.
    D) At least one 18 month tour as a Troop Officer.
    You will then be able to specialise.
    Remember horse first then cart. Good luck.
  12. And stop watching those stupid Yanky movies where they never miss a target from a speeding Helicopter. (Unless it's one of us of course).
  13. Hate them movies.

    Hundreds of people shooting automatics at a moving vehicle and they all miss. One person on the moving vehicle turns around with a side arm and shoots everyone else who are also moving. :pukel:
  14. From what I gather (I'm no expert) Officers can specialize but not as snipers. If you read through some of the material they give you at your local AFCO you can see this for yourself. I think you're motivation for joining is a little questionable if not being able to be a sniper puts you off! Theres loads of other fantastic things those guys get to do, as I said, read the AFCO literature.
  15. Mate shooting is not what people think - as in easy wise, i thought it was just pulling a trigger lol (That was 2 years ago). I went bisley that how i got to shoot if your wondering anyway i done it from i think was 1500 meters which is bloody hard to get a accurate ball eye, so image snipeing from a few miles, with ONE SHOT,ONE KILL you cant say your capable till youve done it. OOO just to say to train for a marine sniper they like put a pebble down like 2 miles from where you are and you have to spot it.
  16. I'm not being funny my old squire... but I think you're in cloud cookoo land.
  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Feck me, another well researched and accurate post from Chico. :dwarf:
  18. Chico what the feck are you talking about?? GO TO BED!!
  19. The voice of experience :roll:
  20. FFS, An officer "may" become a PW Officer and could possibly do a sniper course. He will never deploy as an active Sniper, its not his job he will be in a command position.

    Chico you know nothing about the RM snipers course and by the sound of it shooting.

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