Sharon Osbourne

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by FistFullOfNails, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. I was just thinking of Sharon today, and little FistFul poked his head up to say hello.

    Whereby I was forced to have a sly [email protected] there and then.


    I've never really thought of Sharon in that way before...think I might have a bit of an Oedipus complex going on or something cos the woman is ancient however I now can't stop thinking about her. And by thinking about her I mean I want to kick her backdoors in, sneak out whilst she's sleeping and not return her calls.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? Any women they've suddenly had a U turn on?

    And speaking of kicking back doors in, I phoned my missus at the weekend and I'm not gonna lie I'd had a bit to drink and I slurred to her, "When I drive down to Canterbury next weekend I'm gonna kick your back doors in."

    To which she replied, "But I live in a flat?" - What a div
  2. and you have a pop at me for posting polite messages!! lol, you filth bag
  3. Liar

    I did no such thing.
  4. You really need a girlfriend if you're wanking over that.
  5. That's a fair observation, I only see my lass once every two weeks (or every weekend if she doesn't get distracted by a shiny hot air balloon on the M25, turn off at a wrong junction, get lost, call me in tears then scream that she's going back home) so I can see how I may be upping Mrs Osbournes bra size and tightening some skin in various places...

    But no one else with any weird fantasies about women? I've got a mate of mine that is (was) well into Jade Goody because and I quote he "Likes grotty women."

    He used to keep a photo of her on his desk at work, baffling. But back to Mrs Osbourne...
  6. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    It's got as much plastic as MJ, but when I was young, free and single, I would.
  7. Who would I pick now let me think???

    Would I go for a Lady with class and style???



  8. "Who would I pick now let me think???

    Would I go for a Lady with class and style???"



  9. Thats one spacehopper! :roll:
  10. weirdly enough I still fancy Pamela Anderson this has been going on since I was thirteen so thats 14 years now.
  11. i used to shag a girl who looked just like her notch
  12. Yeah in a heartbeat... :lol:

    [​IMG] Only reason I ever watched the Avengers.... 8)

    Without the heart.... :D maybe.....?


    Hmm time hasn't been kind me thinks... :cry:
  13. Sharon Osborne is a dog - surgery and airbrushed pictures don't make her wanking material.

  14. fook me she looks rough in that pic :oops:

  15. She isnt Cherie Blairs twin bastard sister by any chance is she?
  16. No the Lips aren't moving... though she is rough enough!
  17. I'll tell you what, I'd still do Madonna... theres a perverse pleasure with being with a woman who could bench press you...


    Sarah Jessica Parker for the same reason, even if she does have a face like a foot...

  18. Sorry but they are both fcuking stinking IMO. Now Rachael Weisz and Kate Winslet on the other hand!!!
  19. XRD agreed but I thought the point was of ugly women you can't help but want

    You can't just go around and suggest fit women :p ;)
  20. Perhaps. But being essence in nature means that i don't know what sleeping with a stinker is all about!! Perhaps living where you do necessitates a lowering of standards!!! :wink:

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