Sharon-Anne Connell-Malcolm

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Polto, May 11, 2012.

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  1. Copied from FB..'The submariners lounge' alert those that might know the person but are possibly unaware of recent events...

    Dear Lord, it is with much pain i ask this,
    we have had a warning that the Brave Sharon-Anne Connell-Malcolm may be crossing the bar soon,
    And we ask as serving and ex-submarines that you have a cabin ready for her ( No Transit Mess for this lady please)
    Can you also alert those that have crossed the bar that knew her to stand by as a Guard of Honour for her,
    ... Each one toasting her with a tot as she passes
    Please make her time left on this side painless and hear all our prayers
    i hope this is not too much to ask
    from the Members of the Submariners Lounge
  2. Sharon (Shazza) has tonight crossed the bar after a long battle with cancer. The 'submariners lounge' on Facebook has many tributes to this brave woman.

    Condolences to her family and all those that knew her, of which there are many.
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  3. Absolutely shocked at this news.I met her a couple of times in 2008/9 and she always struck me as a really nice person who was dealing well with what life had dealt her. Her patience towards dealing with a baby scribes made a major impression on me and from that point, if she ever needed something from me it was never too much trouble to chase up on her behalf.Seriously saddened by this and my condolences and regards are with all her family and friends.
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I have just received this via the Submariners Association...

    It is with regret that I have to announce that PO Sharon-Anne (Shaz) Connell-Malcolm lost her long battle with cancer last night; she passed away in the company of her brother Kevin.
    Shaz was obviously not a submariner but most definitely a loyal and supporting friend of the service, Shaz regularly attended November Ceremonies as a volunteer ‘First Aider’ and her bright and bubbly personality was testimony to her bravery in such testing times.
    Shaz was a regular participant in conversations on the ‘Submariners Lounge’ within facebook.
    Any information regarding the funeral will be posted when known.
    Iain Mackenzie

    I have never met Sharon but she was obviously well regarded in the Submariners community, my thoughs are with her family at this time.
  5. Guys,Not a Submariner but read your thread and thought you would like some information on the 'Celebration of Life' being held at HMS SULTAN for Shaz.A service will take place at 1100-1145 on Tuesday 22nd May in the Holy Trinity Church (behind HQ1). Post the service a wake will be held in the WO & SRs Mess for Shaz, all are welcome.Rig for the Service is No1b's.She is also having a family funeral up north but military presence at this is by family invitation only.Hope this helps!
  6. Thank you Taff. I'll see you there... ;-/
  7. Have Just spoken to the Gunnery Officer who is running proceedings.Apparently they are expecting around 300 people for the service and there is only seating for about 150. If you want a seat you need to pitch up around 1000 hours. If you don't mind being stood outside (pa system is being used) later is fine.

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