Shannon Matthews found.

I must admit to being rather pessimistic after this length of time. However I am pleased that the child has been found alive and hopefully well.
sgtpepperband said:
Can't wait to read some sycophantic 'exclusive' mush by Gerry and Kate McCann in the tabloids this weekend..! :roll:
This weekend? are you joking my friend as they have already been on mainstream TV sending, much warranted, platitudes of thankfulness.
We may disagree on the need for ccctv and cash cameras but I think on other issues there could be some agreement?
Enormous resources, quite rightly, have been spent on finding the child today, and our police deserve praise for this; which for me being a dodgy anarchist is in this case not a hard thing to say at all!
Now let's get down to all those other missing persons equally as significant to their nearest and dearest, without of course cctv :wink:
Could not have better news as wife and I feared the worse.Now I truly fear the News of the World /Mirror excusives from mum/dad/uncle/grandad/auntie/dog/cat etc.
I think I'll give the red tops a miss this Sunday.
It was the 'boyfriend/stepfathers' uncle that was arrested…

Karen Matthews pictured with Shannon's stepfather Craig Meehan, and sons Tony and Cameron Matthews

The 32-year-old mother has seven children by five different fathers, and the latest 'boyfriend/stepfather' is 22 years old…

There is more to this story than meets the eye…