Shall we Legalise All Drugs.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Nutty, Apr 10, 2009.

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  1. Another article, this time quoting the Home Office, suggesting that at last people in Power are considering total legalisation of all recreational drugs for sale legally at a very low price to remove the trade from the underworld.

    Just what some Senior and in fact Junior Police Officers have been saying for 30 years as was this liberal fundamentalists.

    Drugs R Us

    Home Office View

  2. That is one school of thought.
    I prefer the zero tolerance option used in Malaysia, Singapore and some other countries.
  3. Slim

    I think even the Daily Mail has accepted the Death Penalty will never return to the UK so we need another solution hence remove all the crime from the problem.

  4. I think of it this way. It's not exactly the sort of thing you'd be proud to tell your grandkids about, so why bother. You don't achieve anything when you're on drugs apart from being a complete mong in your own personal world, which you might be enjoying, but no one else really cares about.
  5. If there was penalties for possession and dealing drugs of life in prison ( and meaning the rest of their lifes) then Im sure it would cut the amount of drugs entering britain by 50% at least, then the only problem will be using more trained SO whatever officers to combat more armed and dangerous dealers... drugs will always get on our streets no matter what laws are placed, but more physical force will help.
  6. Taking illegal drugs is just as bad and careless as smokers and drinkers (binge/alcohol/dependants).. knowing it is bad for yourself but still do it!
    So they are no worse, addiction to alcohol can be just as lethal if not physically worse than some illegal drugs.
  7. As with the death penalty Life mean whole lifetime in prison will kot happen for ny more than the most henious murders. HMG wants to cut the prison population. Well if druggies have not got to resort to Theft,Burglary, Robbery, Fraud and both male and female prostitition to support their habits than that is a great chunk of crime and as it follows prisoners removed from the scene. More Police time to spend on street policing.

  8. No drug should not become legal across the board.I do not think you can even think of putting cigs alchohol in the same pot as cocaine and the likes .People kill for hard drugs i have never heard of people getting killed for fags beer etc .You cannot class smoking as bad as drug taking NO WAY
  9. No but the point I am making is it makes people dependent on the substance, it is fact it is one of the most addictive substances on the planet and more people use it dependantly.

    What I am saying is it is the same situation, if you are daft enough to do it and know the harm it causes then you are just as vulnerable to any other drug user, addiction and the power of the mind is unbelievable, so you people are daft to smoke just as much they are daft to take any form of illegal drug!
    Illegal drugs on one hand are bad but so is drinking and smoking, just because they are legal it does not mean they are not bad, why do we have a drink problem within the british culture? ask yourself, Its just as bad, if you are not a binge drinker, not a smoker and not a drug user (one or the other) then you have figured out the problems.
  10. if you are not a binge drinker, not a smoker and not a drug user (one or the other) then you have figured out the problems.
    I must have got it all figured it all out then.I was a smoker but not a not abinge drinker and never touched drug in my life (except my health ).So i must have it all figured Hey !! :D
  11. OK - so lets say that we legalise the use of all drugs. What is the most likely effect other than people being more openly off their heads? The answer is likely to be far more people getting off their heads. Lets be honest there are probably a lot of people who would have a go if it wasn't illegal and they were likely to be prosecuted or lose their jobs as a result. IMHO the levels of drug dependency would rise and likely as not the level of crime with it so that the new generation of addicts can afford to maintain their habits. Then of course there are the associated medical and mental health problems which would also rise and put even more strain on already limited NHS resources.

    The suggestion that drugs should be legalised is absolutely insane. I really wouldn't want my kids growing up in a society which suggests that mind (and ultimately life) altering drugs are acceptable for use socially in any shape of form.

  12. Such as alcohol and tabacco? Or is it they have been in use in the Western World for 100's years so they are OK?


    PS look what happened to the USA when they made alcohol illegal
  13. There is enough information now to suggest and tell people that smoking, drinking and illegal drugs are bad, but people STILL do it and somehow it is still getting worse!... so obviously knowing it is bad tends to be something that encourages people... why else would anybody want to do it knowing these factors?
  14. Nutty - re your response wrt alcohol and tobacco adiction; noted and not disputed mate. Whilst the effects can be terrible on the aflicted and those around them, they pale into insignificance when comparted to cocaine or heroin which cause those who use them to become addicted and bring on serious health problems far more quickly.

    Also - smoking and drinking can be taken in moderation. That is to say that those who partake can moderate themselves relatively easily. For drug users the ability to moderate becomes considerably more difficult once they use a couple of three times. Thereafter any normal or civilised behaviour and comprehension of the damage they're doing to themsselves and others is severely curtailed. All that matters is the need to satisfy the addiction. Those addicted to alcohol and tobacco tend to get there only after years of abuse, and whilst I'm not saying it doesn't happen, you don't often hear of smokers and drinkers turning to crime to satisfy their cravings. I believe therefore the two are in completely different leagues.

  15. It would certainly blow all of HMGs excused for not taking drugs in the armed forces out of the water.
  16. But then again I have seen people start off smoking, then its alcohol every weekend, then it turns to weed, then it turns to harder stuff and its not controllable.

    It all depends on the user, but then again it can be just a normal guy/girl who has a normal job (or even the armed forces) and then alcohol can be suddenly their worst enemy!

    It just takes a person to have plenty of drinks on a bad day (at first not realising its not normal) and then it becomes more and more frequent, then eventually makes them think it will resolve ALL problems...
  17. I beg to differ drug-taking covers the whole spectrum of society from the professional to the ‘sub class’ and to condemn them all as wasters is just not true and It is my opinion that to legalise ‘recreational’ drugs makes good sense, I believe that queen Victoria liked the odd puff, of course purely for medicinal purposes.

    I agree with the above post that alcohol abuse causes misery to countless lives and that problem also needs to be addressed.
  18. There is absolutely no way I would work with anyone who took non prescription drugs in the Forces. I just don't feel that they could be completely relied upon to do the job properly or back you up in a tight spot.

  19. How would you know if they were taking them?
  20. I know a fair few drug takers who are totally dignified respectable people. What I meant was that you don't achieve anything from drug taking beside a bit of personal enjoyment, which you cant really share with someone because it's your own individual experience.

    In all fairness though, I can imagine crime getting a hell of a lot lower if drugs were legal. But there'd have to be a lot of education to go with it, just as schools do now for alcohol abuse.

    One other thing actually. Too much alcohol can certainly give you physical health problems, along with anxiety and depression if you over do it. But if you have too many drugs there are a whole load of other side effects, like paranoia, schizophrenia, psychosis, insomnia, or a mix of the lot, which my mate got.

    Oh...and another thing. My mate with drug induced brain problems was a hell of a of a lot worse off than another lad I know who's been a full-on alcoholic since he was about 16.

    My stance is this. Each to his own, do what you like etc, but whether drugs are legal or not, I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

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