shall i swap over to subs????????

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by stoker83, Sep 2, 2008.

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  1. hi guys serious answrs please, basically i am a general service stoker and have been for 5 years, but im lookin for a change and have looked into going subs, just wondering what is the process of swapping over? how long does it take? i will be looking to get a guzz draft as my family are there will this be possible or are they all going to faslane? how often do you guys go to sea? sorry for all the questions, i look forward to your replys
  2. Speak to your DO.

    You will be eligible for the £7500 bonus upon succesful completion of training.

    Your chances of Guzz are probably 50/50 as with anyone else...there might be someone who wants to swap if you get fazzers...HOWEVER being already in the fleet may give you an edge initially - difficult call to make...
  3. It is more than likely the boats are moving up to Faslane but there is no public time scale for this. If you want to come across dont look at the money as this is a very short term incentive and comes nowhere near to compensating for the poor quality of life. If you are in guz go down a boat out of hours and ask for the shut down JR (the on watch duty ME). They will probably be happy to show you round and give you the pro's and con's. Make your own decision and don't listen to anyone in authority's advice as they will only encourage you as boats are so short. Get the full picture and weigh up carefully what you want to get out of your future - its not always better on the other side. Good luck and balance things up.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Everyone should indeed make their own decision regardless of manpower shortages.

    Things must be pretty dire in boats if people not in authority call those that are in authority pathological liars because there is a known shortage of manpower and therefore cannot be trusted.

    Wonder if the lack of manpower is in any way connected?
  5. Speak to your DO. He/she can raise a branch transfer request (which can be done by email these days, I believe) that goes to Command HQ. Branch managers of current branch and recipient branch decide yes or no. Then the arrangements are finalised. Easy, I think.
    (PS Make your own decision, and don't listen to anyone not in authority as they will only discourage you..... :thumright: )
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    I guess you can only get people of equivalent rank to give accurate guidance. [​IMG]
  7. Do you mean submarines? Please don't call 'em 'subs' call 'em boats or submarines. Thanks.
    I thought the routine was to slap in a request 'to volunteer for service in submarines'.
    I also thought that submarines STILL operate out of Faslane ie SM3 and SM10? Or has Faslane now shut down?
    How often do you go to sea? How long is a piece of string? The bomber queens go (or used to) twice a year for three months at a time.
  8. You don't "volunteer" any more, submariners are recruited directly from civvy street. That means that becoming a submariner is just like any other branch transfer.
    SM3 & SM10 became SM10 some while back (15 years?) now its FASFLOT (and DEVFLOT down south).
    In due course all boats will transfer to FASFLOT, don't know the timescale though.
  9. So you are telling me that the only way into to boats is to join straight from civvy street?
    Gawd help us!!
    I suppose cos boats these days have no character ie no different than being in Gens therefore the old rules for joining boats need not apply.
    Do submariners still get submarine pay? If yes why?
    What does Faslot mean? Faslane Flotilla? If all boats transfer to Faslane I can see there being no submariners made up from any one but Jocks cos who the hell wants to push a boat around when your base port is Faslane yukkkkkk!
    I don't believe SM3 became SM10 as SM3 was conventional and nukie boats SM10 was Bomber squandron I reckon they just did away with SM3
  10. Arse- talking out of springs to mind. You can still volunteer and many people in the S/M service transfer from skimmers. SOME recruitment takes place at the AFCO. As for SM 10 and SM3 amalgamating to form SM/10- Arse- talking out of springs to mind yet again. They actually became SM 1. If people on RR wish to spout off so be it but how about ensuring your facts are correct?

    Have a nice day
  11. Fair shout....
    Of course, you can volunteer, but it's direct recruiting from the AFCOs that brings in the majority of submariners. I was illustrating the difference between now & when everyone joined as GS then extracting submarine volunteers.
    SM1, but of course, very, very fat fingers (& not thinking).
    Apologies to all I've upset by spouting :thumright:
  12. Yes FasFlot means Faslane Flotilla and believe it or not we also have Devflot and Porflot - I'm sure you can work them out.

    As for the rest of your comments about character and questioning submarine pay then, as stated above, you are talking out of your arse.

    When was the last time you were anywhere near the modern submarine service then? and before you ask I'm still in it :thumright:
  13. NFKFP

    You are biting away at an old and bold who has served in both D/e's and Polaris bomber so has an extensive knowledge of both types boat and how they operate. Unless you have done 6 to 12 weeks continuously at sea on a diesel/electric boat with the squalor, snorting and water rationed only to cook/clean the boat and wash your hands, no bread after 3 days, minimal freezer space and an existence of 95% of food coming out of a tin after week two and not being allowed to undress except footwear even in your pit. Then compare that with life on a SSN or Bomber of today and he will continue you tweak your tail.

    He lives in France just ask if he has eaten the missus's horses yet.


    Ello Pooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeee Mon Cherie! xxx
  14. Nutty I make comment as someone whom has done in excess of 12 weeks at sea in a diesel boat, lived in squalor, snorted, hot bunked, had water rationing,minimal freezer space, an existence of 95% of food coming from a tin, no bread, and worn my clothes to bed and is STILL SERVING. Polycell as are you, is talking out of his hoop and is no way in a position to tweak anyone's tail. Things haven't changed that much old fellas.

    Have a very pleasant day
  15. Idoitdeeper

    Thank you for your comments but as yet I have made no comment than to advise NFKFP that Pollie is winding him up. I am unsure of why you say "as are you" I have never served on a SSN of any type and cannot pass comment on how hard or easy the life is on a nuclear submarine.

    From the various programmers I have seen, a walk around Dreadnought and Courageous and tales from oppo's my opiniom is they are as different as chalk and cheese.

    Have a go at Pollie not me


    PS anyone is allowed to try and tweak tails, you do not have to bite.
  16. ahoy there stoker83, underwaterdoc seems about right on this one.From apersonal point of view,I would thoroughly recommend boats any day.It's a long time since i was on one,left service end of 82.I served on the old T conversions(you did have fresh bread after 3 days nutty you old seadog,Iused to bake the barsteward) A boats and a couple of trips on O boats when I was spare crew.i got drafted to polaris then to valiant class boats,all of them had their own special appeal. going from the old dirty diesels to nukes was like going to live in the hilton for me Ican only guess the modern day vanguards and the astutes must be sheer luxury.As for the sea time shipmate if you can't hack that then maybe you should revert back to civilian status. good luck whatever you decide.

  17. Dinger you little Baby Chef, you refused to bake bread after you rolls all collapsed when they started to snort while you were waiting for them to rise. You were better with the herrings-in, corn-dog, spam and Russian salad. Sometimes you even took it out of the tins before you gave it to us.


    PS Off to see Surfie Hardwicke in Oz at Christmas.

    PPS. Also saw an obituary the other day for Jim Jenks LS Fore-endy on Truncheon went on to be a Coxswain. May his particular God be with him.
  18. Oh my God spam fritters just the thought makes me feel ill.Stoker 83 wouldn't have to put up with lead ball rolls and lead bread on them new babies blast of ice cold air hurtling through the boat killing yer remembered the H.I.T.S. and pom. then old ships.seriously though back on thread a man must decide for himself whats best,familly to consider etc.
    Remember me to Rog Hardwicke
    So sad to hear of the loss of Jim Jenks...R.I.P. Old ships
  19. go for it if you fancy it ,but be aware the runs ashore get less and less on nukes and after all runs ashore are the bizz..... correct???? ex diesel boats, by the way -nutty not taff nutty by any chance
  20. As a submariner I would encourage you to join the service, but I do recognise that it doesn't suit everybody. There do seem to be quite a few transfering from GS and joining Macenzie squadron in Raleigh.
    There is no doubt - the day to day living conditions are inferior to skimmers, the level of boat/equipment knowledge and leadership required are far higher. Most people find that the comradeship is stronger. You get to live in cabins while alongside and are only down the boat overnight when duty. (this does mean that you have to pay for accom though) When foreign you get to stay in decent hotels, although the new allowance regs mean you only get cash back for stuff you remember to get reciepts for.
    you also get to do 'the tank' which is a fun and exhilarating experience.
    Having been in a few years you know that this is an important decision for you. The best choices are informed choices. The advice to visit a boat is great. If you turn up out of working hours and tell the trot you are thinking of joining and wondered if you could visit back-aft you might get on, if they are not busy on rounds etc.
    Although it is well out of date one of the best books to give you the spirit of submarines is 'one of our submarines'. A stirring WW2 story, but it also contains one of the best written descriptions of how a boat submerges and surfaces.

    It may or may not suit you, but good luck, one well motivated person who joined with their eyes open is worth a dozen moaning whingers.

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