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Update & final.

Wobblers slowed down, having been weaned off one head-mashing anti depressant and taking up
another one (Fluoxetine a.k.a. "Prozac"). Back at work - hurrah for a weekend of Night shifts.
Lady doctor asked some right strange questions before deciding to switch my medication.

(Final part of conversation below)

"Well Billy, just a couple of more questions......are you still a smoker, and do you masturbate?"
"Errr - I've cut right down to no more than twenty a day"
"That's really too many - especially with this ongoing medical condition....."
"Hang on doc - I haven't told you how many fags I smoke yet"

* * * * * *


War Hero
Prozac had absolutely no effect on me , different metabalism and all that so they teamed it up with Lithium.....stand by for some real wacky times if they ever put you on that stuff. When first hospitalised they put me on some stuff that nearly killed me as the side effect was to force my chin down onto my throat blocking the airway, antidote injected and Stirl came through............. to the annoyance of everyone on this site :p


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Duly noted. I have to say that I' m hearing
strange voices in my head already saying stuff like,
"Do the washing up", or "Iron those curtains"
and even "Go and buy some scatter cushions".
I'm taking no notice of them. Instead I'm off to the park tonight to murder a few dog walkers.


War Hero
Serious head on Bill , some of the funniest blokes who walked this earth suffered from the dreaded downer and for someone who entertains us on a daily basis with LOL moments you are in good company, Spike Milligan springs to mind , was never struck on the Goon Show but his Q stuff had me in stitches.
Happy Yorkshire Day BTW.


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And to you mate. Why is it us Yorkshire folk go mental eh? I put mine down to livin' in the South West. It's not flat enough.
Does my head in. Oh to be back in Holderness!


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Yorkshire folk, that's the people that mostly live anywhere but Yorkshire and spend their time telling people how wonderful the County is, closely related to the Scots who have the same problem.


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Yorkshire. Got back last night with Mrs W from a visit to her elderly mum in a Leeds nursing home. Despite the jokes, I've always admired Yorkshire folk - although to my mother's County Durham family they were effete southerners.

And mean? No more than anyone else. Even mother-in-law, who remarked when the cost of something was mentioned. "A hundred pounds???? You could buy a house with that!"

Sadly, more related to hazy brain than real tightfistedness.


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After research it seems that my ancestors lived in Hornsea, East Yorkshire for about 200 years. They obviously couldn't wait to get out! :D


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A friend in Derriford hospital has a passed a snippet from BNM's case notes. He wasn't as befuddled as he'd have us believe.
"He awoke in the middle of the night, feeling like shit. Discovered he was connected to various tubes ,drips and Machines. Looked around him and realised he was in a Hospital with something seriously wrong. A Nurse appeared in front of him and said..."No feeling below the waist"....He replied.."O.k..can I feel your tits then?"

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