Shaker Aamer , Extremists have no right to live in this country.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Stirlin, Dec 13, 2015.

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    The UK's last Guantanamo Bay detainee, who returned home to London in October after being held for 14 years, has called on extremists to "get the hell out" of the country.
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  2. I may be an old cynic but I do not believe that he is innocent. I would live to know what the yanks had on him when he was lifted. The last innocent Muslim who returned was given a fortune and has ended up returning to the enemy.
  3. What really boils my piss is that all the papers are saying he is a British Citizen. He is not, he merely resides in Britain.

    HE - IS - NOT - BRITISH.

    I live in Spain. I am not Spanish.
  4. You may have something there Slim , he moved here in the 90's and his reason for being in Afgers was to make a better life for his family , where would you or I rather live ?.
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  5. No, not with all the benefits he's getting, why leave & why work?

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  6. He has always insisted his reason for being where he was originally arrested is that he was doing charity work. This is a standard excuse for jihadis when they are intercepted in places they shouldn't be. I have never heard which particular charity was benefitting from his contribution. He says he was never a member of Al Qaeda or the Taliban but there again you don't have to join a particular group to be a supporter.
    I never expected any of the people returned from Guantanamo to say "it was a fair cop they got me bang to rights" and if all the evidence is circumstantial or would compromise intelligence sources there is unlikely to be a trial.
    I have to say from what I have seen of him on the TV he seems remarkably chipper for someone who's been locked up for 14 years and claims to be innocent. I think I'd be a lot more bitter and twisted.
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  7. Plus he's is good condition

    Looks ok, not skin & bone

    Seems to have not been beaten or water boarded

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  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Unusual to be imprisoned without charge for 14 years. Strange that.

    Maybe the deal for release was simply to publicly renounce jihadi-waddy and work for MI5.

    Either way it works for me as he's vilified himself and his family, from several perspectives.

    The trouble with outright condemnation of a religion, a la Donald Trump, is that besides the seriously sinister aspect, it has the reverse effect of what you wish to achieve and simply recruits more extremists.
  9. "Unusual to be imprisoned without charge"
    I beg to differ Ninja, our colonial cousins have form for this and it doesn't make very nice reading re Guantanamo, that said, as Fishhead pointed out, no charity has come forward and claimed him as their rep so "pants-on-fire" Mr Aamer should be put on the first flight to his own country complete with family and start his fight for freedom from there.
    Unfortunately this is not Diamond Lils so I cannot voice my true feelings for this gent.
  10. And that's a big +1 from me!
  11. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator


    Sorry, serious head will go back on in a moment.
  12. Yep, I'd say that his current condition is absolute defining evidence that he was not subject to torture in anyway. The worst he got was probably an ill-fitting grey suit and a few games of ping pong.

    He was in Guantanamo for over a decade. He'll have had the works.
  13. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    I hope that when he was released, his escort let him shop at the Navy Exchange at Guantanamo before flying him to the UK. It's awesome.

    For all the time he was held without charge, he doesn't appear angry/bitter. The mugshot of him wearing Guantanamo Overalls ( beginning of detention?) appears to show him as Mr Happy. Odd. My jury is out.
  14. You're right, you can't trust these foreigners. Baha Mousa beat himself to death while in army custody just to try and get people in trouble. If I was kidnapped, imprisoned for 14 years and then released without any charges I would probably think I deserved it, The Americans are renowned for their democracy. Standfast foreigners of course.
  15. Did you have a friend named Osama Bin laden?
    Were you captured with Taliban running towards Pakistan?
    Oh, and are you a British citizen, not a Saudi national?

    Just asking.
  16. If I was Shaker Aamar, No, I do not have a friend called Osama bin Laden, no I was not captured with Taliban and I am as British as Mo Farrah, Kiera Knightly, Boris Johnson or Emma Watson assuming that you do not actually have to be born here to become British.
  17. And you have also used your e-mail address as username on a public forum.
  18. Some sources say they knew each other (Aamar and BL), some say they didn't, do you have evidence to say that they did not know each other?
    Ditto where he was captured, some say heading towards Pakistan with the Taleban, the fact is that he was handed over to the Americans by the Northern Alliance, no friends of the Taleban, could have been an easy cash deal, maybe not.
    Is he British? Most certainly not, he is a Saudi who married a British woman.
    He is a liar though, he has not yet named the charities he was allegedly working for, why not? He was offered release from Guantanamo in 2007 on the condition he return to his homeland, Saudi Arabia, and refused, insisting on being sent to the UK where his wife and children resided, bit odd seeing as he was working for Muslim charities that he refused to go back home to Saudi, where I am sure he would have been hailed as a hero, and insisted on remaining in captivity while his wife and children "suffered alone without him"
    Something is rotten about this whole thing, and he should have to explain who these charities were before being allowed to settle in the UK.

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