Sh1tting your pants when running

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Nails, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. This is a serious topic, even though it sounds like a joke. It's quite problematic. I find that even if I have eaten a small amount of food, when i'm exhausted I feel like i'm about to sh!t myself at any time while running. I can physically carry on but I sometimes have to stop cos I'm going to pooh. Obviously I can't just stop and have a sh!t when I join the corps so is there any way to stop this happening? I'd be so embarrassed if I crapped myself in training and the training team and my fellow recruits would rip me throughout my entire career.
  2. Obviously had your hoop stretched too much with your bro's in da hood
  3. F'uck off WreckerL ... this is serious.

  4. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. PMSL Nails trying to be serious :D
  6. That dit about nails beating up royal was a gash dit.

    Maybe Royal ripped you a new arsehole!
  7. Couple of points Nails old chap

    1 You can't really expect us to take this lot seriously , tell me you don't

    2 Just a minor observation, perhaps using the picture of a pretty well know communist guerrilla as your avatar is perhas not quite appropriate for an aspiring Royal, that is of course if you really are an aspitring Royal.
  8. Can all the bullies who constantly make fun of me stay away from this thread because it's not a joke. I want some advice from people who are going to be CONSTRUCTIVE AND SENSIBLE.

  9. Do I detect a chink in the armour of the gangsta 8O
  10. Stick a couple of rounds up there, so when you are surrounded by the Taliban, you can bend over and take a few out behind you. The pressure build up will be immense after living on ration pack scan!!!!!
  11. LOL I was wondering when Nails would lob a topic on here today :D
    Ok mate seriously.... when I have needed one in the past on the run I turn my head 360° to make sure nobody is around and just take one in the nearest bush and use some leafs to wipe away.... remember to look for a bush with decent leafs that are big and thick.
  12. Oh and dont forget to shout ooh rahh afterwards and just carry on jogging as normal.
  13. I posted a topic on that PRMC site and someone stared crying and asking for me to be banned. I kind of view myself as above them kids anyway. U know what i mean?
  14. It's more likely that you have never registered on there because you know that the guys on there are genuinely interested in joining the Royal Marines and know that that might mean making the ultimate sacrifice.

    You would never register on there because even you would feel ashamed trying to take the piss out of guys willing to do that.

    I await your next "witty" comment with interest.
  15. Nails I know you can do all this cage fighting/kung fu I can kick 20 lads heads in while shagging a doggy.... but you really do need to control your bladder as well as your "hardness".
  16. I wouldn't feel ashamed at all. I've taken the piss out of way worse things than someone who want to join the f'ucking marines for f'ucks sake. And get a grip. It's not "the ultimate sacrifice". It's just a job you choose to do.

    Mattbea, it's not my bladder it's my arse.
  17. Bored now.

  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Run with your mouth closed, less sh1te will come out.
  19. You truly are unique, a gangsta with dysentry. Do you have to stop gang wars to wipe your botty with a wet wipe, must cause snags explaining to your opponents that you haven't really involuntary sh1t yourself but "you've got a problem" WELL 'ARD :D

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