Sh1t! I've been nabbed.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 2_deck_dash, Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. Lend us a fiver mate. brushteeth
  2. Did you see my stripeless mong tiger?

    Awesome isn't he?
  3. Aye, not as cool as our Kenny though.
  4. Of course, the unscrupulous hombre down at mexican law enforcement would have made sure it was all accounted for.

    Dem's pretty guns.
  5. Gah thats nothing come round to my 1 bed flat in cornwall, got one hell of a selection of kitchen knifes that would scare the crap out of ya (all 5 of them)
  6. LOL how come the statements "Gold and Titanium 45 Caliber semi automatic pistols - they found 16 like this" is surrounded with photos of pistols with labels '38 caliber' ?!

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