Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Chicogiz, Jun 26, 2011.

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  1. Just there seems to be not alot happening on the site so i fault, this will start the hornets nest.

    Where and when was the best sh*t you had?
  2. I usually find that most of your posts outweigh my greatest shits in shittines by a country mile, go and practice your ironing you scruffy minge.
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  3. So thats your worse? Now what was your best.
  4. This PM at the end of a hill walking sesh in Mount Aspiring National Park in a longdrop portaloo, left the door open and crimped one out while looking down the Matukituki Valley at Mount Aspiring, beats your usual bathroom wallpaper hands down.
  5. I haven't had it yet, but the one I curl down onto your heaving chest as I choke you with my cock for starting gash threads will surely be the nadir.

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  6. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I take it your best shit was this thread?
  7. It looks as though Mrs Flymo has been poisoned by two colleagues at work who have been spiking her drinks with some sort of laxative. Now, if you want to talk shit, come and have a chat with me.
  8. i hope Mrs Flymo gets well soon
  9. Why thank you Sarah :)

    Mrs F is off to the doctor's this afternoon. Whether we go for the cup, stool (not the device you sit on type) analysis we don't know yet. But after finding crystals in the bottom of her cup and her two young female colleagues going together to make the team drinks for the past week is all circumstantial - but does point in their direction. How far do we go with this ? We don't know as Mrs F doesn't want to make waves as she likes her job.
  10. Can forward you some diuretics if you fancy a bit of piss taking retribution
  11. Stan got snags with his bowels whilst being crucified by the CSA some years ago, went to the doc in Nelson for a check up I hadn't had a shit for 10 days poor little coloured Cdr doc puts 3 fingers up my arse to probe my bowels - there then bursts forth 10 days worth of hot steaming excrement all over his white surgical suit.
    You have Irritable Bowel Sydrom Chief but please don't come back here go the fcuking Cochrane sickbay were your fcuking ship is based and shit over some jock doc.
  12. I normaly fill a landfill site with mine, but I shall refrain in this instance from further elucidation.
  13. When aged 14, sleeping in bed, i awoke to what they thought was 'rumbling' appendix, intense pain in lower belly, could not move and thought belly was going to explode, ambulance arrives, rushes to hospital, doc stick his long lubed fingers up my bum hole and no i didn't shite everywhere, just blew my load of boy juice then cried in embarrassment in front of my mum and nurses. Had some terrific poos after all the hospital grub i ate in the following weeks though.
  14. Jaaaazz................:glasses8:

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