Sgt Peppers brainstormingly good Idea.


War Hero
In this world there are two types of people. Those with no ships and then there are greedy bastards with ships they could share.
So one day soon, (stand fast until I is able to cope with the shit horrible sailors throw at poor old abandoned sea dogs) I think Sgt Pepper has hit upon a yompingly great idea. Get us on your ships, as all I have at the moment is hardship and citizenship.
Being a reasonably nice person, I might even condescend to go aboard one of them great big black smelly things, reluctant as I am, I have heard they are actually looked upon as being on our side now. We used to fight them years ago and then when we fucked em up they would get their own back by minging up your bathroom as often as they liked.(twice a year).
I would even bring a bottle or two of pussers red gold. Precious.
Unless of course you is white prejudice bastards who hate de poor black fellow that I is.


War Hero
If I was still serving I wouldn't hesitate to give you a call round Rummers, even if it was on to a black pig. But I'm not so I can't :)


War Hero
I just thought of something funny. Years ago some soothsayer told me I would never die in Staffordshire.
I fuckin hope it aint at a RR reunion or in the dockyard.
When I was in I always swore "this mans navy will be the fuckin death of me".
Just as long as Cunt don't sneak up and get me from the back.

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