SG2 sift date..D Day!!

if it helps as an idea how long it could take, dont know if mine was an extream ammount of time. I passed my test in Aug heard in Oct that i passed sift had interview in feb and join this Sept, they wasn't far wrong when they said it takes time lol
Hi mate I gave rfa recruitment line a call at lunchtime. they say that there sorting 2 lots out at same time motormen and sg2's. They told me it could be Wednesday at the latest if not heard from them this week as bank holiday.
alright mate!! i was thinking about doing the same thing, only you beat me too it lol!! ive just got home from work and im constently checking my emails haha! hopefully we will both get an interview.

cheers compo :D
hahaha luckily i do early shifts 5.30 start!! ive just seen that they are running interveiws between the 8th-12th of september and the 29th-3rd of oct...having learned this is feels me with confidence :)
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