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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by DarrenBrewster, Nov 16, 2012.

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  1. Hi Guys

    Was just wondering if anyone has received there letter confirming if they have been succesful or not at the interview stage.

  2. Take it you have
  3. Why are you and Seadog such massive antagonistic bell ends? Mainly Seadog but still. Leave poor Darren Brewster Alone. Not sure if I want to get the job anymore even though I'm destined to get it.
  4. Why are you getting involved mate? You're not even in the door yet. Though I agree with most of what you just said.

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  5. Because I know Darren so wind your neck in.
    Are you even in the Rfa?
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  6. I'm gonna be RFA, passed my recruit test and I'm decent so they told me the job is pretty much mine anyways. I'm also a big MMA fan so you'd better watch your step mate!
  7. Easy tiger. What's The Oggy done to you?

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  8. You know Darren do you? That's obviously just a user name, THHHTOOOOPID! What do you do in RFA? Blanket Stacker?
  9. Wind you're neck in buddy!
  10. Seems like the Darrenbrewster fan club
  11. You fucking what! I'll be your boss on board buddy. Fuckin sg2.
  12. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Cap'n Salty there are a number of members of this forum who know each other in the real world. The RFA is not a big company. It might be worth your while to take note that people in head office are on this site too and it is not impossible for people to work out who you are. Your attitude towards those you've assumed you will be fortunate to work alongside in the future could well impact on the likelihood of you getting a job.
    Many of us are willing to provide advice and guidance based on our own experience. However, an attitude like yours is not endearing and is unlikely to get you far.
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  13. I have sailed with Darren twice. And he is still a nobhead
  14. Seems like the Oggy is a Bellend club. Not even got the balls to reply because I watch MMA.
  15. Seems like im not the most unliked person on here any more

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  16. I watch your mom sucking my dick never mind mma. Poofcat
  17. If I wanted Comeback I'd scrape it off your mum's teeth.
  18. Also Mom? Are you in the US Navy?
  19. Haha. Good one!
    You spelt cum wrong though.
    Fight me
  20. Very grown up. Definitely rfa

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