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Ended up having to go private for Yellow Fever and also blood grouping. My doc's practice seems to do very little other than sign dole wallers off.

At least i should get some of the money back for them and the medical.


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Seems I was lucky with my docs. It's all worth it when you get your contract!!

Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren


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That's pretty standard, GPs only give BCG to babies these days - I was surprised at how difficult it was to get that jab. I was also stung by a 'worldwide shortage' of typhoid vaccination, luckily my practice nurse was pretty switched on and had a solution for that one (her son was ex RN so was super helpful). I ended up going private for: yellow fever; Mantoux test; BCG & MMR. I know I could've got MMR on NHS but due to the issue of live vaccines etc, I opted to pay for it and have it the same time as the yellow fever.

I'd not had any jabs since 1991, the RFA was good for me - it made me man up and deal with my needle phobia. Plus there are now many thing I can't catch, bonus.


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While you're about Bleeh, seeing as anyone who can access this site (everyone in the world in fact) knows where you're going and on what date, once you've posted where you're coming from for all to see, stick down your bank account number and D.O.B.. Or alternatively PM your personal details, far safer.


Well, as far as background goes I'm as fresh as a daisy. (Some sailing, but otherwise)

So, let's hope I don't get seasick.