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Discussion in 'RFA' started by TangoMike, Apr 24, 2015.

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  1. Hello sailor(s)!

    I’ve posted – and received conformation of, an application for SG1 with RFA (you lot) and am trying to pool info/gen on the subsequent process. Have AB and all the relevant STCW whatnot so if, and that’s a big if as my maths sucks, I’m successful with the RT – no date given yet, what’s the form for training and subsequently joining a ship? Any pointers regarding timeframe, where, what etc would be much appreciated.

    Also considering possibility of OU courses whilst away – feel free to sink the idea if it’s a no brainer due to poor comms afloat or other reasons. It’s just an idea – expanding minds, personal growth and all that.

  2. Thank you Mr Brewster, much appreciated. If anyone can confirm the RT, or lack of, I’ll be doubly grateful, will give recrutment a call as well. I’d be very grateful if any more light can be shed on the process for a prospective SG1, I’ve found oodles for SG2/apprentice route but little/none for the required. Thanks again.
  3. exJenny

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  4. Thanks exJenny, mum's the word!

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