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Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by off_les_aura, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. Not sure if this belongs here, but I guess it's kind of related to Bases/Shore est. Can anyone help?

    I am in Ratings SFA in Helston, I start Dartmouth SUY training in Feb 10, then I am going to Sultan in Apr 10 for 2 years MESM training. My daughter is in her last year of Primary School and starts Secondary School in Sep 10.

    Question 1

    When would I qualify for Officer SFA - from joining Dartmouth in Feb 10 or on completion in Apr 10?

    Question 2

    Can Pusser make me move out of my current area to Pompey in Apr 10 if my daughter only has 4 months of the school year left (Aug 10)?

    Question 3

    If I move into Officer SFA in my current area in Apr 10 (assuming I am only entitled to Officer SFA on completion of Dartmouth), and remain here until Aug 10 whilst my daughter finishes school, can Pusser then make me move again in Sep 10 to Pompey?

    I have read JSP 464 and to answer Question 2, I believe that a letter of support from CEAS could help my case. In answer to Question 3, I believe that would count as two moves within an 11 month period, so I wouldn't have to move and could stay in Helston SFA, commuting from Sultan as necessary.

    But I'm no expert, I'm hoping someone in here has the answers :?

    Interestingly, I know of a few people who have been drafted away from this area for longer than 12 months and have been able to remain in SFA here, and I'm almost certain that they do not fit the criteria of having kids that are doing GCSEs.
  2. SFA? Is that like a council house? Members of the Submarine Service live in purchased property. :)

  3. Current members of the Fleet Air Arm who cannot afford to live in purchased property are joining the Submarine Service to be able to afford to live in purchased property when they qualify :D
  4. Seems to me to be the sort of question you would be better asking through official channels rather than on RR shipmate
  5. I have asked though the official channels but I'm still waiting for a response. In any case, there's more chance of someone in here knowing what the score is rather than over the phone to some faceless civvy tw*t sat behind a desk in Aldershot or wherever my "local" Housing Information Centre is located.
  6. But its the "civvy tw*t" who allocates the SFA!!!! If you take time to find the right person to ask and take the time to go and visit them in person I'm sure you will find the answer you are looking for.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Have to say, haven't got a Scooby on current rules however from personal experience, NPFS were excellent with regard advising courses of action to take with regard avoiding disruption to your children's education.

    Besides the trauma of uprooting your family, everytime you move it costs pusser a lot of money, so one would hope that simply because you are attending a professional career course out of your preferred base area, that you can retain the quarter pending your first appointment after completing promotional training. It's unlikely that you are eligible for posh officer SFA until successful completion of the BRNC course, much the same as married new entrants cannot be allocated SFA until completion of phase two.

    My understanding was that you used to be allocated SFA within 20 miles of your 'permanent' base area & that if surplus SFA quarters are available elsewhere, then those eligible for SFA may apply for a gaffe 'out of area'.

    Not sure if that helps particularly, but best of luck.

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