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I’ve looked about but can’t find a definitive answer on this.

I’m currently assigned to Pompey. I’m single but have opted to live in surplus SFA because a) the mess has a massive waiting list and b) my ex and kids live in Pompey, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to spend more time with the kids and support them more, having been assigned to either Faslane or Bristol since we split up.

When I was in SSSA in Bristol, I received GYH(T) to get me back to my permanent home address in Scotland. On the weekends I didn’t go home , I used to drive to Pompey, pick up the kids and take them to Bristol for the weekend. Cramped in the SSSA, hence I thought SFA would be idea in Pompey (priority 4 eligibility).

Now, the UPO have stopped my GYH(T) because they say me living in SFA is treated as a private rental; despite the fact I am paying significantly more for SFA accommodation and it is a DIO preference that surplus accommodation is occupied where possible (incidentally, DIO conform that neither I, or the SFA I am in, are listed on the private rental scheme). The UPO have also confirmed that if I was living in the mess, I would definitely receive GYH(T) back to Scotland, which means, overall it’s costing me £700 more per month to live in SFA than SLA (remembering that there is no available SLA at my unit).

My requirement to return periodically to my home in Scotland has not changed, yet GYH(T) has been removed.

It does say in JSP752 that personnel in privately rented accommodation near their place of duty are not entitled to GYH(T). However, I can’t find anywhere (including JSP464) that even remotely suggests that a service person occupying surplus SFA is to be treated as a private rental.

You try and do the right thing for your kids, after making a sacrifice and putting up with years of separation, only to have it thrown back in your face. Unless I can resolve this, I need to choose between keeping the SFA and the flexibility of seeing the kids, but being approx £700 worse off a month, or going into SLA, but not at my unit, not being able to have the kids overnight during the week and having to fork out for a hotel on the weekends I see them.

I’m convinced this has been done through misinterpretation, and the UPO can’t even point to what document/policy they are following, but it has now been passed upwards to be looked into, and has been there for some weeks.

Any thoughts appreciated, cheers.


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I'm guessing you've actually got a DO and put this to him, and/or made a formal representation to your Commanding Officer.

There is a clearly laid down formal complaints procedure.


I’m well aware there is a formal complaints procedure - and that is the next step, should the review go unfavourably. The intent here was to see if anyone was aware of any similar occurrence/circumstance, to gather information.
Serious Head on - I'd imagine that the applicable Rules & Regulations on this matter are likely to be Tri-Service these days - If so, I'd suggest asking for advice on this query over at our sister site, ARRSE*.

They have a far greater number of contributors than RR so you are more likely to find help there from someone with experience of circumstances similar to yours.

* The suggested ARRSE Thread is '...Pay, Claims & JPA' at:

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Given that the UPO are unable to tell you what policy is driving their decision you need to do the digging yourself. All the JSPs are on the internet, I recommend that you get amongst them and find references that you can interpret to say you are eligible for GYH. Then challenge the UPO to find the references to say you are not. If they can't then you 'win' so if they don't then start your GYH I suggest you submit a service complaint. Before you do a service complaint you will need to go through the PACCC case work process, if this is unsuccessful most of the work to do this is transferable into a service complaint.

Here's a couple of things you could consider:
1. Non availability of SLA - you say there is none at your unit so have you considered requesting substitute SLA? This may give you the space to have kids staying and will be cheaper than surplus SFA and allow GYH to Scotland. Might be very difficult to achieve in Pompey as all the establishments would need to state non-availability. Worth a try though, without knowing your situation you might be able to justify that alternate SLA in Portsmouth is not suitable. EG medical staff in QAH working shifts may be able to discount SLA on Gosport if they need to use public transport.

2. Submit case work to PACCC for an exception to grant you eligibility to GYH to Scotland. If your house up there is not rented out then you are still responsible for a privately maintained property so should be able to provide the supporting documents for a GYH claim.

3. Consider approaching Naval charities for assistance given that your situation is causing financial hardship which may impact on your children. Get in touch with RNRMW through their portal and ask for a referral to charity.

Hope this helps. Happy to go into more detail by PM if you want.