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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by ProudNavyWife(tooBe), Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. not sure if anyone can help, my other half and I will be married in May 07 and he will start his submarine training around June 07 (oh and have a baby) we where sort of told we could get SFA while he does his submarine training is this true? anyone have any experience either way? as the Navy we have found only give you the info the day before (for good reasons I can see in some cases) and arent free flowing with information! which as a lass that likes to plan I am slowly getting used to! but suits my fella which is the main thing.

    Mainly want to know as myself, baby, OH and mum and dad (2 dogs as well) in a very small council 2 bed bungolow and its doing my head in! and would like to be closer to OH of course.

    Kind Regards
  2. related to Vicky Pollard by any chance?
  3. no, just TRYING to get infomation, the Navy doesnt like to give it
  4. you'll probably find that it's something to do with the fact your not in their employ!

    and reluctance in the replies are probably due to the fact you can't prove who you are on here, the same as the rest of any of the other users.

    Judging by your other posts it could be that you are trying to assess this mans wages for CSA useage, it's your posts are mostly about money.

    He would tell you all if your relationship were valid.
  5. There is a lot of info available about this - get your prospective other half to ask his DO - that's what they are for!!!!! Typically you can get SFA if your husband to be is likely to be drafted to a specific area for greater than 6 months. The people who run SFA will put you on their list generally on receipt of a letter (from the DO) that the man is planning to become C1 on a certain date, obviously they are not going to physically let you have a quarter before you tie the knot.
  6. All I am doing is trying to plan ahead, I like to know or have a rough idea at least where we could be come summer! FFS CSA! get a life I dont need to assess his wages cos he is my finace and his pay goes into a joint account as does mine! He cant get to the UPO for a few weeks due to the fact he hasnt got time to breath at the moment and when he has time they are shut. so I was asking if anyone had any information on SFA who could give us a rough idea of things. So far all the information my OH could get was before he entered saying we think you can if your married! not very comforting espically as the AFCO has told him a load of porkies before. and I may be crazy but I am looking forward to moving to Faslane/Helensburgh, and would like to have a rough idea when we may be a proper family.

    Lets face it one DO says one thing, one says something else, hes already had that when trying to get leave for the birth, one said no, one said maybe, one arranged all the leave in the space of a day!

    CSA! dont judge everyone by your standards
  7. Thank you for your helpful information, hopefully he can get to the right people soon considering he is now in the last week of basic and hasnt got time to breath he may just have to leave it until he goes back for his SA training and considering the rummor is they have a 6-8 week wait until the next course he will have plenty of time, he tried all week to get to the UPO with no joy just didnt have time.
  8. Ok i'll see if i can help. I am in SFA and a DO. To my knowledge when you are married you will be entitled to SFA like anyone else who is married, providing your husband to be is going to be posted there for six months or more and/or you dont own your own house within 50 miles of where you are applying for. It is best to apply now as they can start processing your claim now, but it is very doubtful you will be able to move in till the day of your wedding.

    I hope this is useful, i have based it only on the information you have given me. AND dont quote me if something i have said is not correct.

  9. Thank you for your help benjymo, (just advice really so I know I cant and wouldnt dream of holding you to it anyway) not sure if you could help more his submarine training in 4 months, but I think most of it will be Falsane (10 weeks dry, 6 weeks wet) with (2 weeks 2 days at plymouth for Escape tank training and fire training) and he put Faslane as his number one choice for base (to which they said he must be mad as no one wants to go there so it shouldnt be a problem to get his first choice I know not 100%) so I guess we will just have to hope he gets a SFA?

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