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guzzler im trying not to be rude but im not looking for someone to post snide comments from the safety of his computer, im looking for someone who might know an official answer, not just hearsay and opinion.

Erm, I didn't say what you quoted so don't bitch at me.

There's no point in going into the rationale behind the regulations - unless they've changed in a spectacular manner in the last 18 months you are not entitled, so live with it.

Your UPO staff sound pretty ropey as well - from what you've told us you are quite clearly not eligible.


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witsend, you are very, on an 18 month course. i wouldn't be travelling with my family, on possibly not every single weekend, but the majority of them

I hope your weren't going to call me any nasty names after 'very'. I'm a touch sensitive to bad language on this site.

Having done the old tiffs course where I travelled most weekends, 900 odd miles, I can asure you that your wife and kids wouldn't last 2 months max.

If your having money troubles, sell the house or move the Mrs back home and you move inboard and suffer the travelling.

Good luck!
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Not sure if the rules have changed,but,back in 2008 when I left the mob,I had been living in a surplus MQ to allow me access to my kids and I bought a house down home ready for me to move into when I went outside,I recieved a GYH monthly allowance as I was responsible for the council tax at that house,nothing to do with the fact I lived in a MQ,it was all to do with being away from where I would live had I not been in the mob. I must admit the rules look as though they have not changed and if I was entitled, I would say you are. However if it goes pete tong and you are not entitled,I am sorry,just stating how the rules were put to me in 2005 when I bought my house.

finally, progress. the huge problem i'm having is people are giving advice based an opinion and not on experience or knowledge of the cold hard facts. reading the JSP's say i am entitled, UPO staff seem to think i'm not. some people seem to get it and some dont, purly based on the UPO's interpretation of the rules. there must be one rule, either entitlement or not and it would seem if barney was entitled then there's a good chance i am too.


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No. My advice is based upon experience, albeit 18 months old, but I doubt that the MOD are starting to chuck money around for half-baked welfare cases in the current climate. They even had the common sense to curtail the ridiculous fiver a day for newspapers and dhobying when away loafing somewhere.

Yours and Barney's cases are very different. If what you have said is the full story you are not entitled, and quite rightly so.


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i have been having a nightmare trying to obtain information with reference to allowances. I live in SFA with my wife and two children but have a privately maintained property more than 50 miles from my place of duty that has not been let out and for which I pay full council tax. Am i entitled to claim GYH(travel) to that PMP. Having read jsp 752 and also a letter i'v read in soldier magazine it would appear I am, but the unit admin clerks are totally unsure so refuse to issue it. Is it possible obtain the definitive answer before I take it any higher. i'm just looking to have a definite answer before i go challenging the` admin sgts judgment.

No one on this site can give a definitive answer and it would be unwise to quote from here. Your pay office IS the authority on this, if you are not getting the results quickly enough then there are well established ways of seeking redress etc throught your CoC.

Don't mean to sound uncaring, but merely trying to save you pain and grief.

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