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i have been having a nightmare trying to obtain information with reference to allowances. I live in SFA with my wife and two children but have a privately maintained property more than 50 miles from my place of duty that has not been let out and for which I pay full council tax. Am i entitled to claim GYH(travel) to that PMP. Having read jsp 752 and also a letter i'v read in soldier magazine it would appear I am, but the unit admin clerks are totally unsure so refuse to issue it. Is it possible obtain the definitive answer before I take it any higher. i'm just looking to have a definite answer before i go challenging the` admin sgts judgment.


Basically, no.

What you are after is against the spirit of GYH(T). It is aimed at getting you home for weekends and leave periods.
Your 'home' is your quarter...


are you sure. it seems many people just assume or interpret the rules their own way.

05.0201. Aim. The aim of GYH Travel is to support the mobile nature of the Services and improve retention by reducing the financial impact of separation on Service personnel. It achieves this by contributing towards the cost of travel from the duty station to a Qualifying Residence (QRes) within the same theatre, where a Service person has the opportunity to carry out such travel.

it does not say aim is to get me home, the aim is to get me to a qualifying residence

05.0204. Qualifying Residence. The QRes must be where the Service person would live, but for the exigencies of the Service, and to which they return (and are capable of returning) during weekends, stand-down periods and periods of leave on a regular basis and therefore incur the travelling expenses which GYH Travel is designed to contribute towards. The QRes for the purpose of GYH Travel must be one of the following:

i own a QR that i will return to, therefore it would appear i qualify. further to this i have an extract from soldier magazine question section.

Brig Mike Griffiths, DPS(A), writes: You have become the victim of a known error in the way that the allowance’s regulations are written.
The aim of GYH(T) is to support the mobile nature of military service and improve retention by reducing the financial impact of separation.
Whether you are in SSFA, Service Families Accommodation or Single Living Accommodation is immaterial; if you are separated from your normal home, in the circumstances that you describe, you are entitled to GYH(T). The regulations (JSP 752, chapter 5, section 2) are open to misinterpretation and my staff are working to correct this.



p.s. a QR is one of the following

a. The Family Home.

b. Privately Maintained Property.

c. Residence at Work Address (RWA), but only in circumstances outlined at paragraphs 05.0210 and 05.0213.


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It's a while since I've seen, or cared about, the regulations but I think, and hope, Brig Mike is talking out of his arse.

The word 'separation' is mentioned. You are not separated.

Why should I fund you swanning around between your two homes? If it's not MPs robbing me it's bloody servicemen.

Edit: ...and to which they return (and are capable of returning) during weekends, stand-down periods and periods of leave on a regular basis...

So not eligible then?
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Are you talking about GYH seagoers? If you are then you are entitled to nominate one address from the list on the form. IE NOK, your parents, partners parents or your childrens residence. This will allow you to claim 10 journeys a year to that address. You have to be on a seagoing unit to qualify for this.

In my humble opinion if you are going home to your family every night in the MQ you shouldn't be able to claim GYH(T) to your privately owned house. Why should the MOD subsidise your travel to a house that you choose to keep and not live in? I would also argue that your normal home is the one where your family is.

Now my opinion doesn't count for Jack shit but I would be very careful about claiming GYH where there is any doubt about the legitamancy of your claim. You only have to look at the Commander who was recently court martialed over claiming the education allowance on the strength of how he interpretated the JSP. His career didn't end well.


guzzler, are you a service man or ex service?

you talk about subsidising for me to swan about between to homes. iv bought and paid for my home, incurring expences such as solicitor fee's, mortgage application fee etc etc. through no fault of my own i have been drafted 530 miles from my existing home. therefore am incapable of living in while at work unless i commute over 1000 miles a day.

now you may argue that i could sell my house, but this would incur expences and in the current climate i may make less than i bought it for, therefore incurring debts, all through the MOD's decision to move me from one post to another. i would like to move back to my HOME when i leave the armed forces.

if you would read the post, the word seperation is used to mean seperation from my normal home, not wife and children.

the reason iv posted this thread is to try get an official answer, not people opinions, to refrain from making an illigitimate claim

to guzzler:Edit: ...and to which they return (and are capable of returning) during weekends, stand-down periods and periods of leave on a regular basis...

So not eligible then?

i will return, and am capable of returning during weekends, stand down periods of leave, therefore eligible.



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What SJRM said.

"all through the MOD's decision to move me from one post to another". Shocking that. I see your point though. I didn't expect to have to move around when I joined either.



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Bloody allowances, at times more open to interpretation and confusing than one of Finknottle's posts as he tries to rev the outrage bus.

The purpose of the allowance,,blah blah blah,, you've heard that bit before. The fact your other half and kids have moved with you disqualifies you IMO. I'm going to take a stab in the dark and assume your on some course for a year or two down south, doesn't really matter if your not. At the end of the working week I very much doubt you, your wife & kids are going to jump in a car/train/plane every friday afternoon and spent X amount of hours travelling back to your other house. Then on sunday move back to your other house.

Nice try & good luck. Whats the worst they can say?
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guzzler im trying not to be rude but im not looking for someone to post snide comments from the safety of his computer, im looking for someone who might know an official answer, not just hearsay and opinion.

"Separation as far as allowances is concerned is separation from your family, not your house, so as your family live in SFA with you, you are not on separated service"

if that was the case then a single soldier with no family would not be eligable for GYH as he does not have a family to go home to. in fact only married unaccompanied service personel could claim GYH if seperation ment from family and not home, which is not the case.

i understand what you are saying about the UPO staff being right and trying to protect me, but even they seem agree after reviewing JSP 752 that it would appear i am entitled but because of the wording and the potential consequences of actioning a fraudulent claim they say they will ask higher but there never seems to be a comeback. unlike other services the marines get pinged to become clerks so tend not to be very enthusiastic about looking into the heavily worded JSP's.

i know it looks like im trying to claim money for the sake of it but my ill mother lives near my house, that and maintainance is the reason for my need to return. and if i am entitled to claim an allowance then i will if it helps ease financial burdens


witsend, you are very, on an 18 month course. i wouldn't be travelling with my family, on possibly not every single weekend, but the majority of them


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Not sure if the rules have changed,but,back in 2008 when I left the mob,I had been living in a surplus MQ to allow me access to my kids and I bought a house down home ready for me to move into when I went outside,I recieved a GYH monthly allowance as I was responsible for the council tax at that house,nothing to do with the fact I lived in a MQ,it was all to do with being away from where I would live had I not been in the mob. I must admit the rules look as though they have not changed and if I was entitled, I would say you are. However if it goes pete tong and you are not entitled,I am sorry,just stating how the rules were put to me in 2005 when I bought my house.

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