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War Hero
Recollections of my 18th Birthday.
A poor killick RP was standing nonchalantly behind a wall at the rear of an exit to a dance hall in Capetown.
In Front of him on her knees was the object of his desire and the erection he sported.
Sucking as if her life depended on it and creating a vacuum greater than a souped up Dyson, the inevitable transfer of sperm from testicle to tongue was imminent if not actual.
Then a dirty fuckin bastard of epidemic proportions emptied the contents of their beer and burger bloated gut all over the scene of passion below.
Fuckin sorry Chev it was an accident. Honest.


I picked up a beautiful girl in every respect, real top class bit of totty and posh with it. After a couple of dates wining and dining her a shag was definitely going to be on the cards and I took her back to my hotel. I lay on the bed she straddled my face, her stocking clad legs brushing my cheeks and I licked away on her perfumed trimmed pussy for all I was worth in heaven. Just then she let out the loudest smelliest fart, I felt the warm gush of wind from her arse on my neck and chest. She was so embarrassed, she just said in her posh southern voice "Oh my go i'm so sorry, I have never done that before.." with that she scooped up her clothes and ran out of the door. I did try to call her but I never heard from her again.

I was gutted she was a real babe. I didn't mind the fart but what really pissed me off was the fact I never even got to **** her and had spent a fortune on food, wine, hotel etc......

Maybe it was a 'meant' guff.

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