Sexual Abuse By Females?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by r_s_l, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. While I can fully understand why getting chained up in a cellar being beaten up and tossed off by a middle-aged bloke would have dire reprecussions for your future mental health, would the same necessarily hold true if it was a bird carrying out the evil act? To be honest, any woman interfering with me from about the age of 11 onwards would have been onto a winner as masturbation was my main obsession for, ohhh, about the next 7 years. It would have just been an extra bonus if she's wanted to film it and show her mates. You have to admit - as long as she didn't top you and bury you in the woods afterwards you'd still be wanking about it now!
  2. Hmm, rather a bold topic for your first post.
    But still welcome aboard.
    I think that you may find that youths who're molested and that's what your scenario would be, end up with mental health and sexual problems.
    Life is not a movie or a porn mag letters page.
  3. Yeah, well, it's still gotta be better than cracking one off over sheep.
  4. Achmed was 14 when he was invited to go baby sitting with his mates Big sister, she was Big...........I was molested at that tender age.............I fcuking loved it........I am mentally Scarred...........I love birds with massive norks, I shag fat women........i shag most females with a pulse....Pre-requisisit for joining RM
  5. Troll.
  6. What - don't you like girls or something? Anyway, haven't you got a bush to be hiding in?
  7. Achmed - I'm proud of you. It takes a big man to provide such a valuable service for the fat and ugly women around the world. It is good people like you who make life safer for us lesser mortals by keeping the otherwise rampant fat slags satisfied.

    By the way, that is a compliment!

  8. Yes i have cnuty bollix. And I will be pouncing on your decrepid bint of a mother as soon as i get the opportunity.
  9. Thank you McC, above and beyond the call of duty :rendeer:
  10. HEALTH out for the cleavage crack, Achmed.A man can get lost in there.
    What a way to go.
  11. I think it probably depends on how large a strap-on the lady concerned is wearing.

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