Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by aussiepint, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. OK, so we have this


    and this


    and this


    so why is there no female type emotions out there??
  2. The last one is, trendy, right on, university librarian ;)
  3. I've seen women who looked like that AP - in fact apart from the colour of hair I could be No.3

  4. :whax: :whdat: How do you know these one's arn't women
  5. Ruddy hell, it's my ex-wife and her Mother......!
  6. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Here we have Crazy Female, followed by Female Devil :)

    Thats a bird!! :D :D
  7. No, no GR? There is no way I am compering you to an emotion? I've met you, and your more than most xx

    But my campaign goes on...can we have some female type emotions please? And I did say please.
  8. 1 :glasses10: 2 :glasses6: 3 :female: 4 :downtown: 5 :love1: 6 :smurfin: 7 :afro:

    Well 2 & 7 could be either way, and 4 well at least partial female, but the other are Female
  9. And this?


    I mean I'm all for safe sex and all that, but...?
  10. A she-man ?

  11. What about the chick on the left getting the good news Pinta? x :biggrin:

  12. You bastard!!

    See I knew I had a reason to thread!
  13. :boogie:
  14. The one on the rights a Tranny!
  15. Now, now rod? How do you know this?

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