Sex offenders 'serving in forces'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by flymo, Apr 5, 2009.

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  1. They're probably all pongos...
  2. I think we'd have to know the exact offenses in order to make any educated comment. This guy, , is on the register but I don't think I'd have any issues with him serving the country in the armed forces.

    Mind you - I'm not sure I'd want the bunk next to his.
  3. Why not in the forces.

    We have loads in civvie street. :? :?

    Goes without saying they should be employed to check the hull when under way!!!!
  4. Frankly I have never fancied a bike. The one I have has probably done more damage than good and I'm more than please to trowel myself off it!
  5. In my day most establishments had their own camp bike :p
  6. most airborne soldiers,
    i heard a bunch of meat n veg, went on the piss brought a tramp back, shit shower n shaved him gave him a good feed frm the scoff house then bout ten of em went thru him then kicked him off camp
  7. I had sex with a bike, big deal.
    L/WTR Sally g****** on the playing fields of Terror Barracks,
    then "Rode" a red devil back to the dockyard.
  8. So he shagged a bike. A bit older than most of us did, but who's judging.
  9. Was it a "Kids" bike??
  10. There but for the grace of God. 8O
    Underage sex, yes. (We both were.)
    Viewing bestiality flicks the Chefs at Condor made me, honest Your Honour.
    Indecent exposure (Mooning and various down trousers incidents) and numerous other offences to be taken into consideration. :wink:
  11. They used to have adds on the telly years ago about Arbroath,

    Someone would sniff deeply and say,

    AHHHHHH Condor.

    It must have been the smell of the "Heads" 8)
  12. A bit harsh being placed on the sex offenders register for having consensual sex with a bicycle in the privacy of your own room! Was the bike under age?
  13. Nah, more likely the smell of the Smokies, smally smoked haddock for which Arbroath is 'in'famous, or could have been the fishy odour from The Arbroath Academy for Fallen Women and Loose Lassies. :wink: Other wise known as the Golden Quaich.
  14. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not another illegal coming on here spouting off in his own language! If Radio Azerbaijan doesn't want to listen, why should we?
  15. Do you not remember the old "Condor" pipe tobacco adds in the days when it was still PC to advertise Baccy
  16. Aye, guilty as charged. :oops:

    Mental image of knitting pattern male model of the late '60s stepping out of an MG, pipe in gob and looking suave and sophistocated in his tweed jacket with leather patches on elbows as deep voiced male intones "AHhhhhhhhhh CONDOR!!!", put me off pipe smoking for life! :lol:
  17. Seem to remember a DR at Drake getting put on the sex offenders register and keeping his job. Still employed as a Doc.
  18. I wanted to put my name on the sex offenders list, but its so long I wont bother ,there's not much chance of me getting any.

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