sex offender walt wearing RM uniform


Lantern Swinger
4to8 said:
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4to8 said:
If I were to stop joking and start worrying about all the things that shock and horrify me then i would end up sitting behind the bus station with a bottle of Penfolds in a brown paper bag


Trouble is you're not joking you're just being offensive. Nothing that you have said in this thread is remotely amusing. Please drop it

Having checked out your posts I can see where you are coming from regarding amusement and humour.Life and soul of the party indeed.

Aye, you're probably right but that doesn't bother me one bit. Actually I find a lot of what you post is very funny just not all this rape stuff. It happened to someone very close to me and completely shattered her life so excuse me if I don't join in the joke. Anyway, I've said my bit so will bang out of this thread now.