sex offender walt wearing RM uniform

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by IB08, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. I'm going to get a Hell of a lot of incoming from this, but this is what happens when people sell kit on e-bay.

    He obviously deserves castrating as punishment for his betrayal of a handicapped female he was supposed to care for; however in regards to his insult to the Royal Marines, well where did he get the uniform from? A bootneck mate? Someone flogging kit on e-bay? An army surplus store? If HM Forces want to stop further 'insults', its members are going to have to stop flogging unwanted/unneeded gear.
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Well, if he's bimbling around Edinburgh and any of the lads spot him, be it when they're on rnr or when the unit returns I'm sure he'll get his dues.

    I just hope our good friends in the constabulary have the sense to look away at that point, wouldn't want any of the lads getting into unnecessary bother because of that piece of sh1te.
  3. What is he doing all dressed up?? In my day when I went a raping all I wore was me ballbags and spats. And a nice tie if it were a posh lady wot was on me list.
  4. Reading that made me sick this d*ck needs to get whats coming to him....

    EDIT: Must have been ebay. was intrested to know. and went on to ebay.. the sell badges, patches, combats.. and i even saw a green beret for sale.. i cant beleive theres not a rule about selling your kit... esspecially combats and uniforms with patches on them indicating wich armed force it is.
  5. Why should there be a rule banning the sale of surplus kit.
    Army surplus stores have been around since before you were born you young whipersnapper.
    Ex service kit has been bought and sold for years, why should a few Walts stop this?
  6. Only have to walk 30 yards out of Bovington Camp and you can top up your green kit.

    Military kit is so easy to acquire and always has been, ex Osprey personnel will remember the fishing tackle shop near the town bridge. You could get anything in there, even the odd rotor blade if your personal helicopter was short.
  7. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just searched for steaming bats & AGR on fleabay (was'nt searching for ovvies). No hits on any of them. I'm not going to bother searching for anything else because you will find kit. I think I'll keep my number 1s as a wardrobe filler and give the rest to anyone who wants that I'm serving with for a 1 for 1 exchange. I've never really noticed walts before, but they seem to be coming out the woodwork lately. Victor, Baron Shortarse and this clown.

    All hail to the internet :meditate: for exposing these freaks.
  8. When I was at Collingrad for part 2, I remember buying a John Wayne "Sands of Iwo Jima" shirt from the army stores in Pompey one Saturday afternoon.
    I loved it!
  9. Streaky, you are an ex servicemen and you are not a convicted sex offender; I think we all forgive you for that John Wayne shirt.
  10. Erm..... And I thought Booties all wore those nice white pith helmets to keep their green lids dry.

    Oddly enough he looks familiar. He reminds me of one of those TV "celebrity" chefs who struts around school kitchens telling the dinner ladies what to do........ :roll:
  11. Thingy, you know you've been warned to stay away from schools!

  12. I didnt mean ordinary army surplus i know what they sell but they dont sell it with badges or rank etc...
  13. Please remember you can get military kit on other than ebay surplus army navy drop zone even this site advertises outlets .If they want to be walts they will be walts .They can buy medals both genuine and replica's .so how can it be stopped
  14. Well, HM Government could pass a bill that makes the sale of military equipment or uniform illegal to unauthorised persons. Perhaps it can be known as the Walter Mitty Act of 2009? :p
  15. Although I condone the acts of this sexual terrorist i thought it was a bit fresh coming from that piece of shite tabloid the daily record who regularly jump at the chance to publish any old crap to stir up shit with the local smokies in Arbroath or tarnish the names of FPGRM or 45 Cdo.
    The Daily Record has insulted the Corps on more occasions than this guy.
  16. It has been against the law to wear insignia you are not entitled to for years. Believe it or not this even includes Boy Scout insignia.
  17. Yes very true but i can never remember a time when it has been enforced can you ?
  18. Unfortunately No :twisted:
  19. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator


    Thingy wrote
    Yes he does, he's just not taking his own advice on healthy eating, the fat knacker.

    Mod hat on. Some posts deleted, this is Current Affairs. Read the sticky; some humour has its place, 'cut his balls off' rants do not. Turning the thread into your own grandstanding 'look at me' bollocks isn't on either. You know who you are.

    Contributing. At least one of the Caribbean Islands has a law - ruthlessly enforced down to kids- on uniform down to the CS95 type stuff (badges or not). As for selling kit outside Slops, what are you going to do, pass a law telling naval tailors they can't trade, tell (uniform wearing ) MN officers and ratings that they better start wearing something a little less naval (the differnce can be very subtle) stop Percy and Royal supplementing their issue kit with better/more kit from civvy sources? Genuine collectors, theatre, film, re-enactors (as opposed to Walts-a debate in itself) collectors - what do they do? Are we to have a huge licensing apparatus to prevent a handful of Walts getting their hands on uniform?

    I understand (as Slim says) that there are already laws against wearing it 'with insignia' when not entitled or excused (film and theatre). The law just needs to be enforced. Then if you've been raping and pillaging perhaps the walting offence loses some of its scale.

    Don't you mean condem ?

    There is more on the other Walt 'Victor' in Lil's.

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