Sex Music

left_handed_sailor said:
"Saturday Night" by Whigfield - music so irritating that you want her to moan so loud that you can't hear it!
Judging from your avatar Sir, you are an absolute bounder and cad of the first water. However as for shagging sounds it really does have to be "Flight of the Bumble Bee' for me. :grin:
Music to shag to...........

One of the lads had a pornie vid of two women getting shagged on a pool table to the theme tune of "Sale of the Century"

.......did it for me every time!
josiecats said:
have you listend to the Eurythmics greatest hits....... wow... all sex songs..
keep you going all night long........
A bit like Simply Red, although I wouldn't want to be thinking of Hucknall whilst on the job, it would put me right of stroke! :lol:
Once had the theme from Babar stuck in my head.

I know someone who lost his virginity to Jive Bunny. Not actually to Jive Bunny, but to a girl while it was playing.
Got my first bit of tit to the Archies song "Sugar" in the 60s , Ravels Bolero has to be up there as well though , just a brilliant piece of music , :wink: