Sex in the Police Car Park


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:p Never had the pleasure on a police car park :cry: ;-but I recall an empty cell in he custody area of The Old Baliey[Central Criminal Court] :wink: and also fond memories of the car park of The Swallow Hotel in Wakefield 8)
rod-gearing said:
He obviously took down her particulars and bailed her out.

You wouldnt shag it sober would you? :lol:

Me too I'm afraid. Looks like she might have a red haired pussy which is absolutely my favourite. :lol:


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I would think that doing her would definately count as 'offensive sex', thereby inviting an entry on an appropriate register.....
In the Scum she is reported as being a lesbian, so she must have been really out of it. Knowing exactly where the car park is it is perhaps not quite as openly public as the papers suggest, though it is a street I often did walk up when I liverd there.