sex differentiation

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by stroppywren, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. All AB's are AB's All Lts are Lts.
    No need to diffentiate by law.
    Two AB's drafted to HMS?
    One is AB Hilary Benn
    The other AB Hillary Clinton
    They presumably find themselves showering with the girls.
    Distinction is unallowed so that must be the case.
    Can someone explain how the sexes are individually identified and is that distinction legal?
  2. Ok Stroppy, own up.

    You got a draft and ended up in the "wrong" mess.

    And you were disappointed.

    Q1 Which way round did you want it to be and which way round was it when you got there?

    Any photographic evidence will be considered as a part of your appeal etc.
  3. Just imagine it. You join your ship late at night (eg 0100), go down the Mess you think is yours. You get turned in and when you wake up the first thing you see is the 3 badge killick jennies hairy arse swing down from the pit above you.

    Oh feck. :)
  4. Oh joy, deep and meaningful joy.
  5. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, don't fall for Norman's trap fellas... 8O
  6. It reminded me when Roedean, the girls public school, was used by US servicemen during WW2 . The privileged girls had been sent to safety in the US and Canada.
    The yanks were unimpessed with the response from pressing their bed-side bells.
    Press one for a Maid and Twice for a Mistress.
  7. You know stroppy, if you had ever served on ship, you would know exactly how the genders are allocated their racks.

    You would also know what is a legal form of identifying gender.

    The only time I have ever had the wrong designation/address was when I used the civilian style of address of Ms. The clerk in the OR read it as M/S (master seaman for you non canucks) and addressed me with that rank.

    Now, perhaps you are a dinosaur who thinks that women should not be on board ships or subs, or worth one childish chuckle at the school boy thought of a mixed gender mess, but the reality is, that in my Navy, things like that don't really matter. We are a crew, it is our ship. Where we sleep is secondary to anything else. End of, get over it.
  8. Should they do so. What would happen to them?
  9. Like you Norman...................their balls would drop off
  10. Well spotted, Sgtpepperband.

    My sense of smell hasnt been the same since (insert long boring Norman-type dit here)

  11. The answer is simple a quick check of Official Numbers.
    Male Officers start with a 'C'
    Female Officers start with a 'V'
    Male Ratings a 'D'
    Female Ratings a 'W'
    Royal Marines Start with a 'P'
    there are others for QARNNS,
  12. What century did you join up, shipmate? Since JPA, newly issued official numbers are just that - numbers. You can no longer rely on someone's number as a ready reference to which mess/wardroom to put them in.
  13. Quite.
    but is it legal so to differentiate? I'm not sure it is.
  14. So how does one know which sex they are when they arrive onboard. The Master at Arm has a shufti. Are Masters at arm all males or could we have female josswomen having a quick grope to determine ones messdeck?
  15. Of course it is legal to differentiate, if it wasn't we would no longer be Mr, Mrs, Miss or even a Ms. Has to Master at Arms since the introduction of the Executive Warrent Officer the MAA's billet on most FF/DD has now gone so I don't quite think you'd find him has he can only be a him standing on the Gangway for a quick grope!!! Female equvilent of that historic rate would be a Chief WRN Reg. If a person were to be joining a Ship/Establishment the recieving ship would be expecting said person so suitable accomodation would already be arranged. If they were to turn up out of the blue I dare say the DPO would use his head take one look at the new joiner and say something like, Evening Lass its the WRN's mess deck for you or perhaps even Stokes its the Stokers mess for you, and if they were a ship with mixed branch messing a quick phone call around the messes would no doubt locate a vacant bunk.
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, I'm offended that you seem to believe that a fellow colleague of my Branch - male of female - would resort to sexual assault to determine a person's gender. :evil:

    However in your case I'd be willing to have a go. Judging by your name I might assume you are female, however judging by your tone I might have reason to believe that you are a sad old retired Major who believes the RN overlooked his son for promotion, and bombards the MOD (and RR) with pointless drivel... :roll:

    Owing to the confusion, I feel that I am duty-bound to determine your true identity, so drop your pants and bend over while I put on my surgical gloves and adminster a "Norman Test" (however I'm not entirely sure I will be able to find evidence of either gender..!): 8O :oops:

  17. Norm',

    According to Scrotum, my old crinkled Retainer, if it moves you salute and call it 'Sir' and,
    if it doesn't move, you paint it.

    Where's the problem?

  18. It is just as well they can differentiate in advance. Would it not be terrible, for AB Wrens, too be given siht accommodation shoreside instead of travel lodge luxury. Better save that for the hairy male Killicks, they don't matter. Equality and Diversity; two ends of a very sihtty stick.
  19. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    A sex change for the twisted Norman on top of everything else! As usual gives himself away by parading his ignorance - Roedean was part of the evacuated Vernon in WW2. The men in white coats must be on an illicit standeasy.
  20. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Erm, sorry for the thread drift but... since the WRNS were integrated (and all female personnel became members of the Royal Navy, in 1993) all Chief Wren Regulators became Master-at-Arms, like their male counterparts.


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