Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by theone2029, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. Ok so I know right now im gonna get ribbed for this lol but I dont mind, kind of need a laugh at my own stupidity

    Ok so I have never been good at sewing but I thought, hey I'll give it ago, I need to practice for HMS Raleigh.
    So I got out the ol sewing kit, and started trying to sew a name tag into an old t-shirt, how hard can it be?

    Turns out, it was alot harder than I thought. The name tag sucked. It was sewn on sidways and the stitching was showing on the tag, not exactly hidden lol.

    God I hope they teach us a better technique. Im hopeless lol

    Let the ribbing begin :lol:
  2. They gave us alittle blue bag aptly named a housewife. Learn yourself . Haa. :D
  3. Haha. I wouldnt be surprised If i stiched myself into the t-shirt later tonight :lol:
  4. Don't worry, you will all be in the same boat. Pay attention and listen to the advice from your instructors.
    Then give it all to a lady sailor to do. :p
  5. Or help yourself out and take some wonder web with you. Just iron on the name tag with wonder web and then stitch round the outside. Viola nice tiddly name tag sewn on.
  6. Lol sounds like a plan haha.
    Tho I think I'll be ok on the day, gonna give it another crack today, hope I dont end up stiching my finger.... again :D
  7. Quote

    Tho I think I'll be ok on the day, gonna give it another crack today, hope I dont end up stiching my finger.... again

    You are joining as an Officer, aren`t you?

  8. copydex, a small rule and biro to draw on stitches
  9. He said he's going to Raleigh so I'm guessing not.
  10. lol No not going in as an officer, I'm going in as a rating.
    Im good with bulling boots, folding clothes, and cleaning. Not bad at ironing but I suck at sewing lmao
  11. what type of stitch do you have to use at Raleigh anyway. Im using the backstitch atm lol
  12. Can anyone link me to a page that shows how I need to fold the shirts and trousers? I've been trying to find one since I got back from my RPC so I can practice but no joy.

  13. Must be joining as a steward...
  14. You have scope for bartering.

    I bet there are people like me who can't bull boots to save there lives. They will probably be a dab hand at sowing.

    Problem solved!
  15. :wink: :wink: Kit old navy style!! not sure about Kit new Navy Style :roll: :roll: sorry about the picture size :oops:
  16. heck i hated sowing but i learned to use a smaller needle put a book under the place where you are to sew and that should help you
    failing that find a seamstress there are lots in the local paper on postoffice doors etc
  17. All you need is neat chain stitch and abundent supplies of patience and red worsted. You can sew your name neatly in chain stitch, can't you? ;)

    PS: A good idea is to take your mum. Kit dhobied, ironed and neatly folded in your locker upon waking up and as Chiefy serves you breakfast in bed and dunks you egg soldiers for you, mum will run your bath to just the right temperature, add your favourite bubble bath/salts and whilst your bathing iron your duvet for you. :biggrin:
  18. Fcuk!! they hang seamstress's on Post Office doors? Why? 8O

    Talk about gettin Stiched up. 8O
  19. the taptap puts her there all part of the service

  20. He must be a decent Sew and Sew :oops: :oops: :oops:

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