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Several RFA questions


Hi, new member here with a few questions which may seem basic for you, but I cannot find out the full answers.

First of all I wanted to start as a Seaman Grade 2 Deck Rating. Does this position no longer exist? Has it been replaced by Seamanship Apprentice? SG2 is no longer a rating, i was in one of the last SG2 classes before they were replaced by the apprentice grade. You get less money & leave as an apprentice

As I understand, (if I join as Seamanship Apprentice) I spend 10 wks at HMS Raleigh. Do I get any qualifications/certificates here and which ones? You will complete a functional skills course(english, maths & computer shit) & work towards your EDH qualification.

Then it's a Week and a half sea survival at HMS Excellent in Portsmouth including firefighting, damage control, gas mask fitting and testing, security module etc.

So is that 11 and a half weeks in a row, with no leave? Do I get any qualifications/certificates here and which ones? Is this the STCW certs? You will get weekends off but would need to pay to travel home. You may get some time off between your Apprenticeship course & your Sea Survival course

Then you all (your course) go on your first 4 month deployment together with a mentor. Any leave in between again and do Seamanship Apprentices do this? Yes seamanship apprentices do this and again you may get some leave between leaving your training & joining your first ship.

Then back to Raleigh for for weeks phase 2 where you do boatwork and your EDH exam.

Then 4 weeks leave then you join the same ship for another 4 month deployment. Again you may get more leave than is advertised as there are limited billets/accomodation on ships for apprentices.

You may get you tickets all signed off in that trip so you become an SG1 but that depends on your ships programme. Not correct you need to accrue a certain amount of seatime as well as complete your EDH and MNTB taskbook before you are able to approach the MCA for your AB certificate. As i came through the SG2 route i do not know how much seatime is needed.

Then another 4 weeks leave the join a ship for 4 months where you will hopefully be signed off competent and then into the

3 months off 4 months on routine. The routine is roughly 122 onboard for 84 days leave but this can change depending on the ships programme. You may find you leave the ship a few days early but very rarely late as this can cost the company money. If you leave a ship early then your leave is reduced accordingly.

On completion of your Apprenticeship, you may be offered a full Company Service Contract as a Seaman Grade 1AT. So from the first day I turn up at HMS Raleigh, how long is my apprenticeship? Several factors can affect your length of apprenticeship, if you do a short trip & dont have the required seatime. If you fail your EDH & need to complete another trip before resitting it. Also if you are not able to complete your MNTB book that will affect your offer of a contract.

Is Seaman Grade 1AT an Able Seaman? No as you will not have your ABs certificate.

When do I get my Navigational Watch Rating Certificate. Usually after your 1st trip unless you spend it sat alongside the dock wall... you need to steer the ship to get it!


Lantern Swinger
Its not the question/answer turnaround times, its the fact that no-one can answer the questions.

Plenty of us could answer the questions, especially the RFA staff officer at Raleigh, who regularly takes a peak at these forums and even occasionally answers. What most of us dont have is incentive, this is not an official forum and any answers we give are because we want to, not because they are demanded.

And your attitude is just as bad.
Pot calling kettle, colour check over?

Me thinks most of you are just pretending to be/have been in the Navy, that's why no-one can answer, and simply insult. Pathetic.
I was briefly in the RN ... it was painful, but I got better :D
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