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Seven 'planned terror campaign'


Deleted 7

Here we go................

Seven British citizens had acquired "most of the necessary components" to launch a bombing campaign in the UK, the Old Bailey has heard.
Prosecutor David Waters QC said "pubs, nightclubs and trains" were discussed as potential targets, but police moved in before the plot "reached fruition".

All seven deny conspiring to cause life-endangering explosions between January 2003 and April 2004.

Four of them also deny having chemicals that could be used in bomb-making.

The prosecutor said 600 kilograms of ammonium nitrate fertiliser and a smaller amount of aluminium powder were recovered by detectives.

Pakistan connection

Mr Waters told the jury they would be hearing from an American citizen, Mohammed Babar, who conspired with the defendants.

Babar has pleaded guilty to terrorism offences in the US and, according to the prosecutor, "has an insight as an insider into the events and plans which an outsider could not have".

The UK was unscathed, it needed to be hit because of its support for the US

David Waters QC

Charges in full

It is claimed Babar met several of the defendants in England and in Pakistan, where many of them have family connections.

Mr Waters said the defendants' "principal purpose" in travelling to Pakistan was "to acquire expertise in relation particularly to explosives".

It was during a meeting with Babar that 24-year-old defendant Omar Khyam, from Crawley in West Sussex, allegedly told Babar his targets would include pubs, nightclubs and trains.

Mr Waters said Mr Khyam's motive was clear: "The UK was unscathed, it needed to be hit because of its support for the US."

full story
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