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Seven charged over fake passports


Head in hands again , fxcking mad we are , could'nt make it up , are we stupid or what , we are , :evil:


War Hero
[email protected] about to have my en-suite completely renovated. Using two local plumbers. Young lads in their late 20s early 30s with their own business. i might be paying a little more for the job than having someone from the pub do it, but I know that I will get a job well done and a receipt.
There is no doubt that the best value for money is no always the cheapest, something that still escapes the people at the DPA and elsewhere in the civil service.

Likewise I prefer to use small local companies for such tasks, people who depend on word of mouth recomendation for their next job, rather than those who get their business from national advertising.

I am about to invest in a new shed, built by a local company to order and delivered and installed at a price that is competitive with B&Q etc
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