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Hello all
Just moved in to single man accommodation at Drake but there’s no public WiFi that reaches me. Lots of people on my floor seem to have a WiFi router set up for there own use so I was hoping someone would know what to do to set myself up.
Picked up a router but had no luck getting it to work.
Any help appreciate cheers


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I thought the messes in Drake provided WiFi including routers in your cabins? The WR definitely do.

You do realise you need an internet connection to plug the router into? Even if there is an RJ45/Cat5(x) connector in your cabin it may not be live or patched in unless you've subscribed to the mess service.

Speak to the mess manager


Simplest solutions are the best aren’t they. Just asked next door and it’s suddenly working.
And they only give routers to Raleigh block unfortunately. CVC has to provide there own.

Thanks for the help everyone.

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