Discussion in 'Submariners' started by smash_that_pasty, May 26, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    I've been dumped with the task of planning a day out from a Reserves (Army) camp, and Portsmouth / Gosport is nearby where we'll be.

    I was taken round the SETT tank a couple of years ago when I was in the area by a member of the ninja-parachute-rescue-people, but have heard a rumour its now closed, and that would seem to be backed up by a quick search on here ....

    So ......

    1) Is it gen, no wah closed?
    2) If it's not, has anyone any ideas who might be able to show around 30 guys round
    3) If its closed, has anyone got any interesting potential visit ideas in the area? (Navy related, I can google "portsmouth attractions" myself!)


  2. I thought it was now privately operated, but then I do generally know fck all about anything.
  3. SETT is still running but doesn't do pressurised 30m ascents anymore. Write to the Cox'n at SETT for any enquiries(it's not privately operated...yet!!). If it's a no go then take them round the Submarine Museum, there's also the RM Museum and D-Day museums at Southsea plus Pompey dockyard.

    If you like things that go bang (as your perce) there's Explosion at Gosport.
    If museums aren't your thing just take them on a pub crawl from the Hard up through town and on in to Southsea.

    I think most of the museums are free entry on production of your military ID card but I'd check before you front up.
  4. ...and HMS Victory.
  5. SETT is still open but no pressurised training what so ever

    the SETT will no doubt close soon

    the SETT is a shadow of its former self
  6. As we are a third world country now, we cant afford submarine safety.
  7. RM Museum in Southsea is very good - well worth a visit.
  8. we used to be world leaders not that long ago

  9. Now there's a man who knows himself...
  10. Possibly, but then what do I know?
  11. I refer the 'honourable gentleman' to his first post on this issue. :D
  12. Bloody hell; you're sharp for a weekday morning! :D

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