Discussion in 'Submariners' started by dannyboy1234, Mar 14, 2009.

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  1. Do all new submariners have to do it? i hope so, just been looking at some videos on youtube.
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Theres a whole thread on Escape Training if you do a search
  3. It is finished, it is no more, it has ceased, to be it is an ex SETT. available to Scuba divers and free divers to train in, for a price all ready my boy. :(
  4. Cheers, i'll have a look now
  5. WHAT!!!!! gutted, cheers anyways.
  6. God, it was fun though, wasn't it! An upside down parahute jump!! Imagine getting all that Submarine pay after having so much fun to qualify!! :D :D :D
  7. 8O *off to the tube to see if I'm on there* :lol:
  8. Best bit was not having to have a dhoby for a week after floating about in the luverly warm water
  9. Scrapped for economic reasons, or due to the high amount of medical failures?
  10. Neither.
  11. I've been told it,s been postponed indefinately for Health and Safety reasons. When (if) it satisfies Health and Safety laws it'll begin again.
  12. You've been told wrong. :lol:

    It is nothing to do with Health & safety. Oh, and 'it' won't begin again. The 'it' in this case is 'pressurised training'. However, if a similar but smaller facility were built somewhere, then there may indeed be some form of pressurised training - but at this stage it is only hypothetical.
  13. So they just decided it was a good idea to stop pressurised training then? for the fun of it?
  14. As part of the submarine medical, they used to put you in a pot down to 30m - do they still do this even?
  15. I thought this a good place to put my first post. I'm (hopefully) joining up in the next couple of months and have been using the RR forums to get info on Raleigh and RN life. I'm joining as a ET(WESM) and if there is to be no more SETT then what exactly will I be looking forward to when I do my Submarine training??
  16. Nope - not necessary.

    A person attending SETT now receives a three day course of: how to survive onboard a stricken submarine, how to survive on the surface, how to blow out, various means of escape, basically all the same as before but without the pressurised bits. There is still a visit to the submarine museum too, which is nice.

    This is not a decision that has been made lightly - it has been around two years to get to this stage - but at this stage we are.
  17. Hmm - :roll: for a first post you'd be better off starting your own 'hello' thread instead of hijacking and thus derailing an existing thread. Welcome anyway 8) . I do not wish to go into submarine training here - do a search, there'll be lots already on the forum. The bit on this thread about training at SETT does apply though so at least you'll get something from this. :)
  18. Have 'done' the tank about 4 or 5 times now, including wet and dry runs (it's an age thing). Biggest load of old w*nk going, absolutely fcuk all use to anyone (especially those who've died doing it!) The majority of a submarines patrol is conducted in waters far in excess of any escapable depth and nine times out of ten I very much doubt that the fcuking kit would work anyway. Incidentally, I always thought there was something slightly dodgy about a load of old overweight beer bellied fat cnuts swimming around in tiny red speedos and trying to convince you that they were the elite of the Submarine Service. SSPAG my fcuking arse! The only reason they allegedly jump out of Hercules is that that is the only size of aircraft capable of getting the fat fcukers in the air!
    PS: The wet runs were always more fun with a raging hangover!!
  19. A nice way of getting back at the speedo posers was to have a slash on the way up from the 18m ascent :lol:

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