Serving Personel "Cheap Microsoft Software"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joint_Force_Harrier said:
Please find below a link to the MOD intranet. (Not Internet). Where you can buy for example "microsoft office 2007" for £17 odd , £250 on PC World. What a bargain.

Each one comes with a distictive microsoft licence.

One purchase only is allowed, so not to be sold on eBay.
Yep, did this a couple of years back, got the office suite as indicated. It came through in about a week! :)


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Why not use OpenOffice?
It is free and almost fully compatible with MS Office. It's what I use


Anyone used a scheme like this recently? My laptop shit its pants everywhere last week and when I tried to re-install MS is said my code had expired. I've heard rumours that such a scheme still exists.

Don't mind Open office but would prefer MS if cheap


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There was a link on the RN intranet home page about a month ago to buy office 2013 for a tenner, although it's actually a link to an Internet site.

I'm afraid I don't have it to hand though because I'm sat in a bar in Heathrow waiting for my flight to the Maldives.


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The actual link is:

Note:- You must access this link from a works computer. Put your works email in first box, and whatever the code is in the 2nd box. (Copy/Paste)

(i.e. a bunch of numbers & figures)

You will receive an email from microsoft in your personal works email inbox saying "Congratulations - you're qualified etc".


You can now purchase Office / Visio / Project from this email and when you get a response
you foward THAT email to your personal PC at home.

It can be installed on up to 2 PC's.

Can't ask for better than that can you?

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As long as you qualify, and get through all the steps above you'll get an email in your work inbox that looks something like this:

You are qualified to purchase from the Home Use Program.
Buy now
1. Click on the "Buy Now" button.
2. Purchase your product.
3. Install the software on your personal device.
Participants are eligible to purchase one or more of the following Office products.

Availability depends on the organization's Microsoft licensing agreement.

Office Professional Plus 2013
Office for Mac 2011
Visio Professional 2013
Project Professional 2013

Microsoft respects your privacy. Review our online Privacy Statement.

Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA, USA 98052

Do not forward - this email contains your personalized link.




Found it on the intranet. Turns out my DII was helpfully deleted when I joined the darkside and it doesn't appear to work with other service email addresses. Luckily students (sister) get the whole shabang for free (+£27000 fees) and 5 licenses....

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Used this a couple of times ... they even used to do it with the NHS however got into a hissy fit about something so that little freebie went - got XP Pro for £17 (cost of postage I think). Luckily when I got my laptop I could utilise the student rate as was on a Uni course so got Office 13 cheap. If you are eligible and can get the full versions for postage its worth it!

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