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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by 24mp24, Jan 15, 2018.

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  1. I know this probably sounds throbbing to some of you, but I was put in contact with a local elderly veteran who I went to visit on the weekend. he was grateful to have somebody to spin some dits to and compare when he served to now, I was really glad I did it and recommend it to serving matelots if you got an interest in the history of the service. ⚓️
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  2. Good for you. Does your elderly veteran have any dits to spin for the rest of us?

    There are a lot of people on this site - serving or not - who would like to hear such stories.
  3. It doesn't sound throbbing at all. You can get some surprisingly good dits from the old 'uns.

    I was doing some contract work in a care home a few years ago and when we stopped for a cuppa one of the old boys started telling me about his days in the RAF during the Suez Crisis. He had me pissing myself laughing and I'm sure he enjoyed telling me as much as I did listening.
  4. You give them all the time:D

    Good one to the Op @24mp24 sometimes just listening is enough
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  5. Has he got an RNA/RBL near him?
  6. Yeah I suggested the RNA to him, he has been to some reunions bet there's only a small number of people left that he served with
  7. That's the problem I think, it depends on the branch, we have a very welcoming one however in our neighbouring branch different members sit at opposite side of the room from each other (no love lost apparently).

    Our branch has 26 members and only 18 are ex RN/RM. However we have a mix of members from a few in their 80's (one in 90's), an ex Submarine Commander/Skipper of Collingwood, a chap who went to Ganges for 3 weeks, to an ex MA who is now a cardiologist.
  8. Not the only problem with the RNA: My bold.

    Area No11. Hull
    Secretary Brian Askey
    Email [email protected]
    Phone 01482 640328
    Address RNA Hull Branch
    The St Vincent Social Club,
    Queens Road,
    HU5 2QP
    Meetings We meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 13:00
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  9. Yep, that's not helpful for recruiting the younger members who are still working, I brought this up with the National Chairman a while back, I believe they are looking into it, however at "23:59" its the local branches that make their own rules :(. We meet at 20:00 on a Wednesday, we have a few members that only come along in the summer months as they don't like driving in the dark.

    Quick tot up and I believe out of our 18 full members 10 are still working.
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  10. @Taztiff Are you a member?
  11. Hi I am a Champion for this :

    What is the Sussex Armed Forces Network?

    The Sussex Armed Forces Network (SAFN) is a multi-organisational group which includes members from the NHS, MoD, Armed Forces Reservists, Mental and Physical Health Clinicians, the Royal British Legion, SSAFA and other interested charities and organisations from across Sussex (i.e. police and local authorities). The members work together to improve the lives of the armed forces community (ex and serving personnel and their immediate families). The network also includes champions from a wide range of the organisations across Sussex who are advocates for the armed forces community and have the skills and knowledge to support through direct service provision, linking with other organisations or signposting to where additional support could be received. It is managed by the Armed Forces Director for both Sussex and Kent & Medway CCGs. It has a Clinical Director from the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust as the Chair of the Network. Its aim is to facilitate our CCGs and the local community in the delivery of the Armed Forces Covenant Commitment.

    In November 2014, the Network won a National Military and Civilian Health Partnership Award for its work on education, training and research with local military personnel. The Network was commended for its work on developing a unique set of relationships to ensure organisations are identifying and meeting the specific needs of the Armed Forces community through local health and care services.

    I work in the local acute hospitals and refer veterans and their dependants to the network if they need/want it - I am sure you will have one for your county

    I do 2 training days a year with them (really easy)
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  12. Afraid not. As alluded to earlier us 'youngsters' are working at meeting times.
    Looked into it but that timing makes it impossible for me.
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  13. Looks like that's two new recruits they are missing out on :( Maybe an email to the Sec with this info may change the meeting times?
  14. Bridlington RNA have a meeting on the first Thursday of the month at 7pm, but it can be a bit of a trek from Hull - and its in a pub so I wouldn't be able to drive and have a drink :( (Mrs Taztiff? - want to drive?:))
  15. Hull to Bridlington is a bit of a drive, just looked on Google maps
  16. 2 new and how many old farts leave, because of change?
  17. Branch will die if they only rely on the old farts, trouble is you get a lot that are stuck in the old days.

    We had a issue when Myself and our Sec joined, we were quickly dropped into committee positions and had fresh ideas. We organised car boot sales, supermarket collections, attended galas, applied for grants.... We brought in a lot of money at short notice and then we wanted to spend some on a new Gazebo etc. We were met with stony faces and were even called up by a founder member (who did nothing anymore) and "warned" off taking over the branch. We nearly walked and the founder member was taken aside and shown the bigger picture, he apologised later.

    The members now know the importance of getting out there and recruiting, its the only way you can maintain a branch, we have been on a steady 25-30 for the last few years and I've been to a lot of funerals.
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  18. Mind you, Mrs Taztiff likes popping up there for Fish and Chips now and again.
    Sometimes she takes me :D
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  19. she goes to the RNA without you:p
  20. I would not be at all surprised :D

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