Serving married couples

Morning all, does any one know of where i can find any rules for 1st line drafts regarding married serving couples, to give you a brief insight to the situation my wife is raf and im rn, we have both been sent on courses regarding operational tours and its leaving us with no childcare as the are both at the same time, so im trying to find any info, ive looked through the jsps and cant find any thing.
Any help woukd be gratefully received.
Service personnel With Dependent Children, I can't remember the exact details but it covers your situation. The only difficulty might be the fact that your situation is RN/RAF rather than RN/RN. For the RN it covers the scenario where both parents might be required for sea service at the same time.


Taken from BR 3 Part 7 Para 5807 sub para e

Bolded the important bit

e. Sea Service Liability for Service couples With Dependant Children (SWDC) - De-confliction of Sea Service. In situations where couples are both on active service in the Naval Service and have joint responsibility for a dependant child or children less than 11 years of age, it is generally in the interests of the Service, the parent and the child(ren) to avoid a situation where both parents undertake sea going service at the same time. The deployment or sea going1 service liability of Service parents with responsibilities for a dependant child, irrespective of their marital or civil partnership status, will be met through joint career management. The SWDC Manager is to chair a meeting with the couple and their career Managers before the SWDC status is required to start, and to comply with current assignment policy timelines. The aim of this, and all subsequent SWDC career management meetings, is to agree employment solutions which meet both the needs of the Service and the needs of the couple. The policy for sea service/deployed liability for SWDC applies across all three Services. Therefore, SWDC preferences will be dealt with in consultation with the respective Army or RAF Career Managers where appropriate. Each prospective assignment that could result in both Service parents with responsibilities for a dependant child embarking on deployed or sea going service will be assessed on its merits to ensure that an appropriate balance is struck between the circumstances of personnel and the requirements of the Service. Assigning authorities are Commodore Naval Personnel (CNPers) and Career Management Cells (CMC) supported as appropriate, by CMC Careers Advisors (CA) and Executive Warrant Officers (EWO).

Hope this helps

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