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Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by etsandy, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. Hey folks,

    I'm interested in Helping out in my local SCC - I am a serving JR (soon to be LET). What I am wondering, I have read about adult instructors and Uniform Staff, but also Uniform Staff requiring a 50% attendance. Would I fall into the Uniform Staff role and if so how would it work with attendance in relation to service commitments?

    I am assuming I would continue to be a LH when I go over?

    Would I have to do any courses - and if so would these be covered by duty warrents etc?

    Is their any web based documentation that would give me a idea on this all?

    Many Thanks in advance.
  2. Local SCC may be able to advise.
  3. you will need a crb check if you are working with kids
  4. I'm hoping that a Rum Rationer will come along with a proper answer for you, but, in the meantime, I wonder whether the main HQ for the Sea Cadets could advise? Link here:
  5. I did the same thing when I was in the mob.They just need to be aware that you are serving and will attend when you can.As for CRB the rules are if you have regular contact and will be left alone with the cadets,you need a CRB. Go down to the unit and offer what you can,I am sure they will be very pleased with any help you can offer.Also let your DO know you are doing it,get a covering letter from him, saying you are loaned for duties as required,this ensures you are covered as being on duty status when with cadets.Enjoy!
  6. Prior to leaving the mob, I enrolled back at my old SCC unit and I was taken on as a Civilian Instructor, having got permission from the mob I was cleared to wear rig when I was at the unit. Once I officially left I went on full strength staff. I have only just left again due to work reasons but IIRC Civilian Instructors do not have any time commitment, you put in what time you can. So if you are only able to do one night a week thats fine, as long as the CO of the unit is unhappy.

    I would imagine any CO jumping at the chance of having serving personnel helping out, that way if the cadets show an interest you have someone there with current naval knowledge and not out of date crusty sods like myself.

    The SCC will sort out your CRB if they accept you, takes a few weeks, my last one took 4.

    Go for it though, the buzz you get when you see the light go one above some spotty little 14 year old's head is great. They are pretty much all good kids and you never know some years down the line one or two of them may be working for you.
  7. My eldest attends the TS in Drake ,where one of the staff is a OM(C) who was on my last ship with me. From the navy's point of view, I would imagine that your participation would be fully supported , both for the benefits it brings to the cadets and to yourself.
    I would standby for some serious shitslinging once your mess mates find out though- peado :lol:
  8. I remember the good old days when it was okay to shag the cadets.. :D
  9. Damn. :(
  10. Hello.
    I'm an XO at a SCC unit and have been an instructor for nigh on 10 years now.
    Your experience, knowledge and understanding of all things navy is the most valuable commodity you can take to your local SCC unit.
    The job satisfaction as someone mentioned, is the only (but huge) reward you will get back.

    Your options:
    Uniform or civvie instructor. Two different paths with two different commitment levels.
    Uniform requires 50% attendance
    Civvie (CI) has no attendance requirement

    I assume you want to take the uniform route.
    If this is the case you will join as a Potential Civilian Instructor (PCI). (Sounds crap I know)
    During this period you will learn what the SCC is all about by attending the unit on a 'regular' basis. You will be required to attend around 6 modular w/e courses away from the unit provided by the SCC. 3 of these may be exempt through accredited prior learning ie. drill, instructional tech & first aid if you already hold these quals as a LH. The drill because of your recruits course.
    Once you've completed these (usually within a year) you will become a Probationary PO (PO badge without crown). Your RN rank of LH is meaningless, as the lowest SCC instructor rank is PPO.
    Then you attend a consolidation course called a Sea Cadet Instructors Qualifying Course. If successful, you become a Petty Officer (SCC)
    Your specialised subject is your choice. You can have as many as you want. You attend as many courses as you want (provided you qualify to attend). National courses will provide travel warrants or fuel allowence at around 50p per mile.

    If however you want to remain a CI, you can. You then attend in civvies or 'work clothes' :wink: and generally do less courses and attendance nights. Incidentally, uniform attracts payment for attending certain courses unlike CI courses.

    Joining the SCC is time consuming, fraught with red tape and sometimes you ask yourself 'why am I doing this?'
    And if you can't answer that question then it's time for you to leave.

    Personally, I prefer quality against quantity with regards to instructor/attendance but.... some other units don't!!

    Can I ask what region of the country you were thinking about?
  11. I'm currently in Collingwood - however that unit is filled with folk generaly wanting blue card from duties. I'm down here for another year. My home port is Faslane - thats the one I would be looking at mainly if I could not get attendance in down here.

    Yes I think the UI would be my prefered choice - however my concern in the attendance commitments weighed against my servie commitments i.e duties & deployments. How is that normaly treated?

    PS. Thanks for the very helpfull post R12
  12. The local unit there are a good bunch and should be happy to have you.
  13. You're most welcome.

    I could give the pro's & con's for attending any of the units around the country (inland and coastal).
    Units close to HMNB might well have blue card'ers hanging around.
    See a unit with lots of staff chinning in the staff mess throughout the night and they may generally have little more than a handful of cadets.
    Flip side, see a unit with only a few 'quality' staff running around and you may well have 20 - 50 cadets attending on a regular basis, maybe with a 75 - 85% attendance rate.
    I don't know anything of Fas unit and I'm not suggesting they fall into either cat above, but I have been to Gosport unit and they seemed a good set-up.

    If you came to my unit (which is highly unlikely) I would push you into uniform without doubt.
    You would do your training/instruction as and when you can fit it in your work & social calendar.
    You would deploy (eventually) and I would show your attendance at the annual RN Inspection as 'Leave with CO's permission'. As Commanding Officer (and I was until a few years ago) NOBODY above you can override your decision on staff attendance. But, the unit would be slightly marked down for this.

    Now obviously I'm pro-navy (being ex reg-cum-Reserve) and would give the Q shilling to any anchor faced Matelot willing to contribute their time to our cause. But don't expect that from all units.... You'd be surprised at the number of units that shy away from the RN!

    As I said earlier; Quality over Quantity.
  14. Further; If you permanently based at Fas, wait until you get back there before taking those first steps.
    Saves the messing around of a transfer, maintains continuity of your training and won't interfere with your course at Collingrad.

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