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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Matt88, Feb 17, 2015.

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  1. While serving on a ship on a deployment, what do people tend to do in there free time? Do you get days off will on deployment and sailing? If so what would one likely do while not working?
  2. Free time - do phys, get a sun tan, read books, do other stuff, complete task books in own time, sleep, spin dits, get threaders, have arguments with oppos, **** until you're sore, sleep, spin dits, do phys.

    Repeat until funny.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Ratings, meanwhile, may do a little whalebone scrimshaw whittling, repair or make new trawl-nets or develop their macrame portfolio in readiness for the craft shop during the next Ship Open to Visitors, and maybe plot their next mutinous uprising.

    I hear things may have changed a little nowadays, but you get the gist.

    Group recreational activities usually revolve around a mess vote to decide which DVD or download to watch on the plasma-wall, with the winning vote being ignored and the Leading Hand of the Mess watching whatever he/she wants. Nowadays many retire to their bunks to immerse themselves in the digital bubble of Call of Doody, musak, video, email, etc., only venturing-out for meals or leave.
  4. Days off????
  5. You can have days off at sea. Stand fast chefs and stokers
  6. Ship at sea.......?
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  7. someone help me out here - dim recollection of an inverse/Irish sunday-at-sea routine where non-watchkeepers turned to for about 10 mins to prove they were still alive and then knocked off again. Basically the whole day was a make and mend either side of those 10 mins.

    Usually the cue for flight deck sports and stuff.

    Or did I dream it?
  8. No, but it was only for ships company. Squadron personnel on carriers turned to as normal.:(
  9. Oh yes lazy Sunday! Ships company own the flight deck for the day, cue greasy tyre tracks over their towels and photo ops in front of the jets (all wannabe woo's).

    And the aircrew offering to wash the jets (well for about 5 minutes)

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  10. Time off at sea? Be lucky Sat routines/sunday routines and even more so Lazy Sunday rountines are fair a few between now. Well they were on my last ship during the 5 years I spent on there.

    And if you are a watchkeeper then don't even think about those routines

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  11. So is that a yes or no to days/ time off at sea or is it 24/7?
  12. With the regards to getting a sun tan does that mean you are allowed outside on the deck of the ship on your time off?
  13. yup. Hell, I used to get our parts of ship turned to when it was sunny - pusser's tans all around!
  14. Become a woo, the bit below your goggles and above your collar will be a lovely golden brown. Don't believe all the clicky bed crap you hear

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  15. Glad to hear your allowed up on deck then :) . The more I look into a career in the navy the more I think its the career for me.
  16. Unless you go bubblehead/sundodger

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  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    If you keep asking questions you are likely to be left on deck when diving
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  18. If you could get a minute or two on the search and kept your eyes shut you could get your eye lids tanned:cool:
  19. I managed to get a sun tan several times - and not by getting to close to the reactor either!

    There is room for up to 8 sun gods round the radar mast well!!

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