Services to combine?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by chockhead819, Feb 3, 2010.

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  1. Jock Stirrup has stated he expects one of the services to be combined in the next 10 years, so will it be bye bye, Crabs or Jack
  2. Who's going to go to Sea? The Army and Navy have aircraft, quick change of uniform, sense of humour by-pass and transfer the Crabs!!! Simples
  3. Bye bye RAF. Good riddance too. Seriously could someone enlighten me as to what the fcuk they have been doing since 1945?

    Fast jets to FAA.

    Helicopters and heavy lift to AAC.

    RAF Regiment to combine with Pioneers and MPGS.

    Other support elements to be broken up into RN S&S department and Royal Logistics Corps.
  4. The pundits seem to think, that the Crabs will be absorbed into the Pongos :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The Canadians had some sort of go at this a while back, AfterSSE might be in a position to update us on that one
  6. The media pundits have been pushing this argument around for years - when it comes from CDS then you've got to assume that it has some credence. And how ironic to come from the mouth of the senior Crab. I love it :D
  7. Get yourselves on Ebay lads. RAF memorabilia will be worth a fcuking fortune in a few years time! :lol:
  8. Not SSE, but my own take on it is as follows.

    It depends on who you speak too. Today's generation here in Canada seem to accept it as the norm, however most of the older generation that I speak with , some still serving, reckon it was a bad move and to a great degree are of the opinion that much of the 'Identity' of the three separate arms of the Military have been lost forever. The combining started some 40 years or so ago (Trudeau era). Remember being on an RCN ship in '74' at Pompey Dockyard and all were wearing the dreaded inter service dark green uniforms. First saw this rig in '72' when I was en route to a draft in the Windies. We had a stop over in Ottawa to refuel before flying on to Washington per the RAF. Prior to that my recollection of the RCN was that they wore the same rig as the RN more or less.
  9. Yes,they did,only the sailors from the carrier HMCS Bonaventure that I saw on runs ashore in Edinburgh in 1968 looked a bit odd,as they wore donkey-jackets instead of Burberries,and looked like nautical builders !! I read very recently that the general opinion among the Top Brass was that the Canadian experience had,overall,been unsuccesful. It would seem that members of the Armed Forces of any country perform much better if allowed to retain their Unit / Corps / Service identities. We have already had one go at this in the UK,when the RAF was tasked with providing air & ground crew for Naval Aviation : it didn't work then ( 1920s & 30s) and it won't work now !! No matter how good a Crab maintainer is,if he can't relate 110 % to nautical expressions,customs,language,traditions,hardships,and ,above all,the ability to "get on" with someone that you absolutely loathe & detest,then he / she shouldn't be on board ship !! In my opinion !
  10. Last in - First out, I say.

    Ta ta crabs, love to say 'it's been nice having you' but I'd only be lying.

    Logically it has to be the RAF, They do not operate large war canoes. They do not have large ground units, (soldiers). They have aircraft and mechanics, which the RN and Army both have.
  11. It's a bit more clear on ARRSE.

    Two of the services may be combined :)
  12. I think the RAF should be absorbed by the army.. and called The Royal Flying Corps.
  13. I think the RAF should just give all their kit to the Army and RN and fcuk off back to living on the dole.

    Except the birds, some of them should be allowed to stay on a case by case basis, like these ones:
  14. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    I must say that RAF girly does fill her flying suit rather well.
  15. If you do combine, standby for a major exodus of senior staff...that's what happened to the CAF when it integrated, a lot of senior members wouldn't go along with it and slapped in.

    This is down to economics of course and the budget pie will be portioned out accordingly, they will try to centralise it and micro manage if from HQ for all 3 services...until they realise that, that way is way more expensive in the long run and will try to give each service it's own budget again...silly servants at work here...

    Subsequently over the years, each service started to revise their standing and brought back their old regimental/traditional (exception is the daily tot of course...) past times, by identifying themselves with numerous badges of days gone past, until finally Mulroney, re-introduced the 3 separate service uniforms...we all look different now, but we still take our orders from a central authority NDHQ in essence all that has changed is the uniform...the older generation that suffered through this initial period have since retired and the majority of those still in, joined when the green uniform was worn...all anyone cares about now is who signs the cheques... :wink:

    I wore the green for awhile and as I was on boats didn't really wear it that much :D ...hated the new outfit, trousers are deadly in summer, and the whites suck, looks like yank kit... 8)
  16. Has to be the RAF unless they want to wrap on perc, dramatically increase the size of the Corps and reintroduce the RMLI and RMA ;)

    Can't see fast jets being split two ways, the new carriers might just tip the balance towards the FAA...
  17. No thanks mate, we ( "The Daft and Barmy") had them once, then your lot ("Yottys")had a go at flying, but the top management still invented the Royal Airy Farce, so again no thanks, see who else wants them. :roll: :roll:
  18. One of the many other civi public service organisations?
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