Services Medicine to the Midlands

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by asst_dep_to_dep_asst, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. I don't know if I have missed any comment on this already, but the decision has been taken to move the Defence Medical Services to Lichfield. Defence Minister Derek Twigg announced this barking decision with the accompanying addition:

    "The new jobs that this project will bring to the Midlands over the next few years will also help to fulfil our policy objective of moving jobs out of the Greater South East" (i.e. to nice, safe, Liebour voting areas).

    What the twonk doesn't say is that those who have had to move from Lichfield to enable this waste of public money have relocated to Pirbright, which in his book is obviously not in the "Greater South East".

    There will be no medical facility in Lichfield, bar a local medical centre, so those returning from ops will still have no Service medical "home" to go to, not that there's anything wrong with the treatment in Brum. Makes you wonder why Headley Court's function will not relocate to Lichfield as well, though.
  2. You said it; barking. Why Lichfield? Would it be because there is a large barracks doing nothing else in a Labour constituancy?
  3. As if! :thumright:
  4. As far as I knew, this has been planned and known about for ages. The ATR left to make room for the DMS, they didn't just move it up there because the place was empty.
  5. Sorry, but I'm a bit out of the loop now: what is the ATR?
  6. Army Training Regiment, there was a consolidation of ATRs down to Bassingbourne (Junior soldiers for the infantry), Pirbright (Arty, REME etc), Winchester (Int Corps, RLC etc) and the Infantry Training Centre Catterick where new entry infantry do the Combat Infantrymans Course.
  7. Thanks Karma.
  8. Yet again the Gubbermint wastes money!!FFS we have an empty Hospital in Gosport just waiting to be used!!!!!!!!!
  9. The really fancy term is MM2M - Managing the Move to the Midlands. It is an uncomfortable thing, as the only people who think it is a good idea are those people who live in Birmingham, ie very few. Amongst my colleagues, I can think of noone who thinks it is a good idea. We view it as a retention issue: I did not join the RN to work in bloody Birmingham.

    It has been planned for years now, and there has even been a high profile resignation (2*) on the way. There is a degree of empire building going on.
  10. You should dig a lot deeper into this farce of a services hospital

    When it was decide to only have one services hospital, Haslar was agreed to be the one. It alraedy had vast facilities and many wards.

    Also the tri service medical training was to be based in the old HMS Dolphin. baracks and classrooms already available and the hospital on its doorstep.

    The hospital would also continue to treat NHS patients and thus give the military personel a wide spectrum of experience. (the reason why they are all over NHS hospitals now)

    A lot of money was then spent to upgrade the wards and facilities at haslar.

    However someone very high up either service or goverment stopped it dead.

    The result,

    a current shambles of no service hospital as such and training all over the place.

    Many service medical personel leaving, especially surgeons, hence the shortage now and why shore base sick bays close when an exercise takes place that needs them to man field hospitals.

    Many many millions being wasted and now haslar about to close, at the same time the goverment insist we need nmore hospitals.

    it has all been about looking after self interests and sod it to service personel, whilst keeping their own constituents happy.
  11. Sadly at the rate our guys are getting injured they will soon need it.

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