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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by mikew8247, Feb 13, 2014.

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  1. I'm researching a WW2 Navy Service Record and am unsure where I should post any query ?

    Would it be covered in a forum on this site or some other website ?

    All suggestions gratefully received,

    Mike W
  2. Having said that, you may already have the Service Record in question.

    Please feel free to ask anything you need to know.
  3. Thanks for that and Yes I do have the Service Record.
    A query I have is in the list of vessels he served in - a name followed by another in brackets
    ie. Clio (Derwent), Drake (Derwent), then Nile (Derwent) and later Calliop (Launceston Castle), then Ferret (Launceston Castle) ?
    Could you please explain ??

    Also, cannot find information on Clio ??

    Your assistance appreciated,

    Mike W
  4. Yes, a bit early - this was 1942. Note that the entry was Clio (Derwent) and I don't know what the brackets indicate,

  5. The name in brackets denotes the ship he was on, the name before the brackets is the accounting base (normally).

    HMS Derwent, escort destroyer
  6. Thanks for that - one last query is that he served on the Derwent but had two accounting bases:

    Clio (Derwent) 24 Mar '42 - 07 Apr '42
    Drake (Derwent) 08 Apr '42 - 31 May '42

    Does this mean that the Derwent has changed location and has therefore changed accounting bases ??
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    That would normally be the case
  8. Thanks for all the help, much appreciated,

  9. I can't find anything on Clio for 1942 but according to the link I posted and the dates you've given, Derwent was still in build and only accepted into the Fleet in March so it may be a paperwork exercise accounting base until the accounts were transferred to Drake.
  10. That must be the case. Coincidentally, he had a similar situation with Launceston Castle as this is listed Calliope (Launceston Castle) 27 May '44 - 11 Jun '44 then Ferret (Launceston Castle) 12 Jun '44 - 23 Jun '45. The 27 May 1944 was the day this vessel was laid down.
    I wonder if this was anything to do with his trade as an ASDIC operator, being new technology etc. ? For your info. he won the DSM whilst on HMS Easton in 1943 for the part he played in locating the sub.

    Thanks for the info.

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