Service Records

I'm researching a WW2 Navy Service Record and am unsure where I should post any query ?

Would it be covered in a forum on this site or some other website ?

All suggestions gratefully received,

Mike W
Thanks for that and Yes I do have the Service Record.
A query I have is in the list of vessels he served in - a name followed by another in brackets
ie. Clio (Derwent), Drake (Derwent), then Nile (Derwent) and later Calliop (Launceston Castle), then Ferret (Launceston Castle) ?
Could you please explain ??

Also, cannot find information on Clio ??

Your assistance appreciated,

Mike W
Thanks for that - one last query is that he served on the Derwent but had two accounting bases:

Clio (Derwent) 24 Mar '42 - 07 Apr '42
Drake (Derwent) 08 Apr '42 - 31 May '42

Does this mean that the Derwent has changed location and has therefore changed accounting bases ??
I can't find anything on Clio for 1942 but according to the link I posted and the dates you've given, Derwent was still in build and only accepted into the Fleet in March so it may be a paperwork exercise accounting base until the accounts were transferred to Drake.
That must be the case. Coincidentally, he had a similar situation with Launceston Castle as this is listed Calliope (Launceston Castle) 27 May '44 - 11 Jun '44 then Ferret (Launceston Castle) 12 Jun '44 - 23 Jun '45. The 27 May 1944 was the day this vessel was laid down.
I wonder if this was anything to do with his trade as an ASDIC operator, being new technology etc. ? For your info. he won the DSM whilst on HMS Easton in 1943 for the part he played in locating the sub.

Thanks for the info.

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