Service record abbreviation--TX


I've searched for the meaning of TX on the forums but without success. The abbreviation appears many times but without explanation.
Plainly the posters and other forum members know what it means.
Sadly I don't.
Can you please lighten my darkness?


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In what situations/circumstance is the abbreviation used?

It may mean different things to different trades/branches.

EG, in aviation, TX, (tx) is an abbreviation of 'transmit' or 'transmission'.

In short, more info please.


T T&S Travel and Subsistence TACOS See TCOS TAFMIS Training Administration and Finance Management Information System TB Task Book TCOS Terms and Conditions of Service TCSSE Tailored Career Short Service Engagement TDA Training Delivery Authorities TLB/TLBH Top Level Budget/TLB Holder TM Temporary Memorandum TMU Temporarily Medically Unfit TNA Training Needs Analysis TOS Terms of Service TP Temporary Position TrAD Training Authorisation Document TS Trained Strength TX Terminal Expiry (date) (meaning End of Naval Regular Service)


OK, as it's under examinations and quals, I'm out. No idea and I'm not going to guess. Sorry.
Yes but why recorded under 'examinations and quals' and the fact he continued in service for a implies a different meaning to:
TX Terminal Expiry (date) (meaning End of Naval Regular Service)
Some further details.

In February his SD non-substantive rating was relinquished and he went from Osprey to Drake.

He remained in the service for another 18 months before being discharged 'physically unfit for naval service'.

Grateful to receive any insights and suggestions.