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Service personnel & the General Election

Bad CO

We've just had the following email/press release from the Election Commission

The Electoral Commission, the independent elections watchdog, and the Ministry of Defence have launched a joint campaign to encourage service personnel to make sure they're registered and able to vote in the next General Election.

Launching the advertising campaign, Jenny Watson, Chair of the Electoral Commission warned service personnel not to lose the opportunity to have their voice heard:

* The next General Election could be called at any time between now and June 2010. If you're serving overseas between now and then, the best way to make sure your vote is counted is to apply for a proxy vote. That means you can ask someone you trust back home, who is also eligible to vote, to vote on your behalf.

* So why not choose that person now? That way, you're prepared for the election- whatever the date.

* Or you can register to vote by post. But the tight timescale and logistical challenges involved in getting a ballot paper to you and back home again may make this an unrealistic option.

* You put your lives on the line for our country. So make sure you have a vote on election day.

MoD research has shown that 35% of service personnel are not registered to vote. Information about registering to vote, including how to apply for a proxy or postal vote, and a downloadable registration form can be found at
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